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The hour is late and I am listening to the FlyLady on podcast. Why am I up late? Well, I took some of this:

I prefer to give my children natural medications and Similason has a good one. I ordered it from (free shipping) here is the description:

Multi-Symptom Cough, loosens mucus, fever Chest and head congestion. Dye free and 100% natural active ingredients. Naturally sweet.
At Similasan, we understand you want your child to feel better. We created Similasan Kids Cold & Mucus Relief Expectorant to stimulate the body's natural ability to relieve the symptoms of the common cold.
Kids Cold & Mucus Relief Expectorant makes it easier for your child to cough up mucus with less irritation.
100% natural active ingredients, sugar free, alcohol free, dye free, chemical free, no artificial flavoring, safe for diabetics

Notice . . . this product is for children ages 2-12. I decided to give it a try . . . (I had used Mucinex before bed last night and just about ripped my throat out through the night by coughing so hard) The Similason said it was for mucus relief and was an expectorant so I took the recommended maximum dosage for 12 +. I sat down to watch a little television with my hubs and daughter . . . well, I have to say I know what we were watching when I sat down, BUT it was nighty night ~~~ see ya next Thursday! I felt almost immediate relief of the throat tickle and within 15 minutes the mucus congestion and rattling was gone. When I woke, my daughter said . . . "Wow Mom you didn't cough at all after you took that stuff!" I noticed a HUGE difference! I am amazed at how wonderful it worked and I was able to get some rest. I have been coughing horribly over the past few days and that simply wipes me out ~~~ especially when it keeps you up through the night. I whole heatedly recommend this product! Am I going to take it after I am finished with this post? YES!!! and then I am going to go to bed and SLEEP!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I was listening to the fly lady on a podcast. I have been trying to keep up with the things in my house by following her "plan"and made my own control journal for scheduling my week and the chores of the kids. I hear you ask . . . "does it work?" The answer to that . . . it does if you follow the plan you set up. There is no doubt of what my day is going to entail, the kids can easily see what their chores for the day are AND everyone working together makes chores go quickly. O.k. so I tweaked the FlyLady process a bit. With a house of seven people and three dogs, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. The control journal puts the house into zones, the chores into days and then my little tweaks added mini control journals with the kids chores as well. If anything were to happen that I would be away, one look into the control journal would allow my family to know what was to be done . . . that is IF they took it off of my desk, opened it and read what the journal said.

The Fly Lady has some definite MUST dos that I don't necessarily follow . . . (Please don't report me to the flylady police)
  • I don't wear tennis (lace up) shoes in my home. I have a pair of crocs that I wear, but I really don't like to wear shoes in my home that I wear out and about. I like my shoes to be clean when I wear them throughout my house, I truly can't understand why you would be attempting to keep your house clean all the while wearing shoes that you go out and about in ~~~ this is totally a matter of my preference.
  • I don't get out of bed each and every day and put my makeup on and style my hair. I know, I know . . . you are thinking I am a slob or something. Really, I am not . . . I just can't see getting all together from makeup, hair and shoes to simply clean the house, do the laundry or chase my three year old. Now don't take me wrong . . . when I know I have things to do outside the house I get myself together in the morning ~~~ makeup, hair, jewelry, etc.
  • I don't do quick/emergency tidy ups in which I throw everything in a box or basket and hide it in the shower because my Mom or Mother - in - law is stopping by. We live in our home and living can be messy ~~~ having children is messy because kids play and make messes. The hubs makes messes, the dogs make messes . . . there are times that WE make messes. Messes Happen.

Why do I LIKE Flylady?

  • Flylady is a great coach . . . she encourages you to not obsess, simply do the job, stay on task and get it done
  • Flylady has great ideas
  • Flylady has a system for keeping the home in order
  • According to Flylady . . . I will never have to spring clean again
  • the kids love Flylady's idea of the 15 minute timer and actually race to beat the timer when doing their chores
  • Flylady's approach isn't overwhelming once you understand it
  • Baby steps . . . anyone can make a change for the better in 15 minutes

What did you ask? Oh . . . you want to know if my house is spotless? all the time? hmmmm ~ in the spirit of "KEEPING IT REAL" I am going to answer that question . . .

No, my house is not spotless all the time. However, it doesn't take long each day to tidy up and have things back under control and looking presentable. THAT is what Flylady is all about. Flylady isn't about being obsessive about your home. Flylady isn't a quick fix. Flylady isn't about cleaning top to bottom each and every day. Flylady IS about making progress toward your goal of being able to stay on top, knowing what there is to do each day AND not taking all day to do it. Flylady is about being organized and eliminating chaos in your home.

What works for you?

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Kelli said...

I'll need to look into that medicine. I'm so happy to hear that you got a good night sleep! I picture your house spotless.

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