Sunday, October 18, 2009


Here we are at the beginning of another week . . . It begins again. This week the kids will be having school pictures taken. Does anyone else feel that school pictures are kind of a thing of the past? I take so many pictures of my kids that I like so much better than what they come up with the school portraits. Plus they charge you an arm and a leg for them. This year, I ordered the lowest possible package for each of my four that attend school . . . that was still $26.00 per child. This week also includes report card day. My kiddos do pretty well in school, so that is always a fun day.

The kids never cease to amaze me with what they know. This weekend my oldest son, now 7, told me all about sentence structure. I didn't even think he listened! Wow, I am impressed.

My youngest, age 3 also intrigues me. He has quite the imagination. The other day he asked me to build him a windmill out of his blocks. I told him that it would be nice if I had a picture of what he wanted me to build. He said, Mommy . . . use your magination! Well, then . . . let me try.

My second son had the blonde comment of the week . . . We were driving to school and I said, Look guys the geese aren't in the fields eating. My first son interjected, Mom more than one goose is geese, but only one is a goose. I replied, that is right. (just a note: We watched Fly Away home the other night about the geese.) My second son, age 6 said . . . in that movie the other night I know which ONE was the GOOSE. I stopped for a second and said, Son . . . they were ALL geese but if there is one goose alone, it is called a goose. He said, I know . . . I know which one was the goose! (I couldn't get him to "get it!") I just shook my head.

The I can't believe it moment came from our third son, age 5. I was in my bathroom doing my hair before we left for the orchard. The kids were all finishing up making their beds and things were moving along smoothly. My son came to the bathroom door and said, "Mommy, YOU are doing your hair!" I looked at him and said, No I am not . . . I am mowing the yard! He stopped and really thought hard and said, NO, Mommy really . . . you ARE doing your hair! Again, I shake my head in disbelief at the comments made that really catch me off guard.

We baked little pies in tart pans and served them for dessert the other night. Everyone enjoyed them and remarked that they were yummy. Our third son said, I really liked that cake (he is the one that calls fish ~ chicken.) I told him the dessert was pie, not cake. Our fourth son popped up . . . IT IS CAKE PIE! Oh Dear . . . I give up!

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Kelli said...

This post is too funny. I love the part about using your magination! And yes, I agree that school pictures are truly a thing of the past. We also ordered the smallest package for Jamison.

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