Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Sun is SHINING today! Wow, Hello Sun . . . Where have you been hiding?

Yesterday I spent several hours at the dentist . . . I had been having pain in my upper jaw above my teeth. I went in for a cleaning on Tuesday and the xrays showed a fractured & chipped tooth plus two leaky fillings from years back. Well, once in there Doctor Mike found the one tooth was needing major repair - he could actually see the pulp of the tooth. The consensus was to see how the tooth held up with a filling and if there were more problems, an overlay (whatever that is) and there is a 40% chance of a root canal later on. The next tooth received its new filling and the last tooth had to be rescheduled. Needless to say, last night my mouth was quite sore and I felt a bit crabby and under the weather. Today is a better day, although my upper gum is sore on the side the work was done.

Today has a lot of to dos to be done . . . I have made my list and am checking it off as I go. Yes, blogging was on the list. As was checking my Ebay, making a few online orders and Facebooking. After the blog post I will be moving our sectional out to vacuum and mop under it . . . that does take a little effort. Main floor tidy up and clean two half baths is also on my list!

What is your agenda for the day?

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