Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have never really attempted a product review on my blog, but I have found a few really cool, interesting and innovate products recently.

Over the past two months I have had three different handbags. I wanted a new bag to replace my beautiful Coach bag that was patterned python and was blue. So, I searched . . . I found a gorgeous Juicy Couture bag at Bloomingdales . . . the handle started coming apart within two weeks of use. So, I returned the purse and opted to get a refund. I then found another bag that I liked . . . Rebecca Minkoff studded hobo . . . this bag was extremely heavy prior to filling it. I tried to use it anyway and found myself simply leaving the handbag home and carrying my wallet; I had never done that before. So, I returned it as well. I decided to go back to my favorite brand . . . Coach. I looked and found several that I liked and was excited to place the order when a little voice told me to check Ebay first. I did a search on Ebay and found the exact same purse for much less. To say I was excited is an understatement! I checked over the handbag, comparing pictures from the Ebay and the Coach websites. They were identical in every way. This particular seller also guaranteed it to be Authentic Coach and offered a 2 times money back for assurance. After checking over the description and photos I felt comfortable in purchasing the bag. I received the bag quickly and it was authenic Coach!!! Yippee

Now on to the accessories for my beautiful new bag. I came across a website that had purse hooks . . . you know the kind that you clip onto the table and hang your handbag from so it doesn't sit on the floor getting nasty or an easy target for theft. The FUMI . . . it can be used as a purse hook, purse accessory or bracelet. Check it out~

The second Really Awesome Productis hanging from my bag . . . The Scarlett. The Scarlett is a really beautiful product and handbag accessory. Who doesn't need something to clean your sunglasses or eyeglasses from time to time? Then there is that cell phone screen . . . the Scarlett can be used to unsmear it too!

Here is a close up . . .

The third product I am super excited about it for kids and adults . . . FIND IT! The find it is a Game in a tube filled with little plastic confetti and hidden objects within the confetti. There are different themes for each FIND IT. There are little game papers to mark off the little shapes as you find them. Example: The Zoo Find It . . . look for an elephant, monkey, giraffe, eagle, hippo, whale, gazelle, zebra, butterfly and much more . . . 40 items to find in the Zoo FIND IT. Everyone that has seen the FIND IT can't put it down!


12-arrows said...

where did you find the "find it" game? our dentist has one and it totally fascinates the kids and I would love to get them one! I even played with it a bit too! don't tell anyone though!

Mimi said...

Love the scarlet and your new handbag!

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