Friday, October 16, 2009


Another dreary Friday here in my little area of the world. It is VERY hard to get moving with it being so yucky outside.

I am sure you have viewed the news footage of six year old Falcon's disappearance yesterday and you may even have your own thoughts of the actual reason for this happening. I cannot imagine the sinking feeling the parents had . . . what if that would have been my child? how would I react to the accusations? how would I react to my child once he was found? I watched the interview with Falcon's Father and Meredith Viera on Fox News. The father was angry at the accusations of the entire ordeal being a hoax. Toward the end of the interview, the father was definitely reliving the ordeal and was almost overcome. I must say, I felt bad for him.

Where is our compassion? our empathy? Why is it people are more interested in tragedy and judgement? What would you have done differently?

As many of you know from reading my blogs, I have four little boys . . . four very active, imaginative and inventive little boys. No matter how many times my boys are told to be careful, don't to this or that, etc. they always seem to do the opposite ~~~ I believe little boys are wired to be challenging, inventive and high strung. Little Falcon had probably been told hundreds of times to stay away from the weather balloon. He had probably been told hundreds of times not to get into the basket of the balloon. The balloon somehow got loose and it probably freaked out Falcon . . . it would have my boys.

Praise God Falcon was safe . . .


Elizabeth said...

AMEN!! Poor child. He must have been terrified hiding away in the attic of the garage all day thinking everyone would be mad at him because they're searching for him and he was right there the whole time. And what a story to tell his own boys someday!

I, too, feel for his parents. My heart was aching for his mommy every time the news mentioned something accusing. I supervise as best as I can but even at Zack's 5 years of age, I'm not staring at him all day. He gets into his own messes. Like spreading toothpaste on the wall. Now, someone on the outside would think "why was that toothpaste in his reach?" or "where was the mom in all of this?"

The mom was in the nursery changing an explosion of a mess on a newborn and the 5yo knows how to climb and did it because boys are destructive and love to push buttons.

Things happen. Unfortunately, they just do. Especially with imaginative, energetic, "don't hold me back" boys.

I'm so happy to find someone else that's not pointing fingers at those parents because I have been so upset for them.

With that, did you watch that episode of Wife Swap with them on it? I remembered the family right away because they just played that rerun last month.

Jeanette said...

I'm just going to say that I'm skeptical about the family and leave it at that.

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