Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Last evening our #1 son was not feeling well at all, so I took him to the Urgent Care. After 2 1/2 hours, we finally were done. The doc diagnosed him with Influenza, but did not do the nasal swab test. We left the Urgent Care and headed to the pharmacy where I dropped off the prescription and then headed home with my sick child.

Hubs went to pick up the prescription about an hour later . . . NO go . . . the pharmacy would not fill the prescription without the authorization of the pediatrician. WHAT? WHY NOT? We have never had this problem.

This morning, I called the doctor's office this morning and talked to our favorite nurse . . . she had no idea of the why to the pharmacy not filling son #1's prescription. After some questions and a call to the pharmacy, the answer was a bit more clear - Tamiflu is in short supply in our area. So, son #1 needed to go in for a nasal swab to verify the doctor from urgent cares diagnosis.

THIS JUST IN . . . the nasal swab test POSITIVE for INFLUENZA!!! Shocker!

The Doc said he is seeing so many cases of INFLUENZA that it is at epidemic levels . . . he said, he has never seen so many. NO SCHOOL UNTIL MONDAY. So, back to the pharmacy with the prescription!

The docs office said there are three EPIDEMICS going around in our area . . . yippee for us.When the other kids start progressing with symptoms, call in to the docs office. BACK TO THE PHARMACY . . . they are checking to see if they even have any . . . nope, this pharmacy is out ~~~ head to the other across town, they are supposed to have it in stock. We shall see!

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