Friday, October 2, 2009


Today marks OUR 27 Anniversary . . . yes, I was 10 when we married! Anyway, in honor of our 27 years I have decided to make a list of 27 reasons that I love my hubs. The list includes serious, funny, "even though" and romantic reasons.
  1. I love him because he is a Born Again Christian
  2. I love him because I prayed for him even before God brought us together
  3. our first "outing" together was with me in my lime green McDonald's uniform AND him driving his beautiful blue dune buggy. He drove me to work and he was not embarrassed at my uniform color or the fact that I was holding my McDonald's hat on my head.
  4. he has always told me . . . "I knew I would marry you and knew you were the one right away"
  5. he even loved me when I had the most awful perm . . . it really was horrendous!
  6. I love him, even though he wore short shorts during the time we dated and first years of our marriage. Pockets from Levi cut offs should not be visible.
  7. he endured my "learning to cook phase" - it was really the ultimate sacrifice in our early marriage
  8. love that he loves to snuggle
  9. I love him, even though he rubs his feet on mine . . . and I hate having my feet touched.
  10. I love that he makes me coffee and brings it to me in the evenings
  11. because he hasn't taken away my credit card! lol
  12. I love him because he is a great dad to our children
  13. because he tells me I am beautiful
  14. he works hard to support our family
  15. he helps around the house
  16. he supports my sometimes hair brained ideas
  17. I love him, even though . . . he leaves his clothes on the floor beside the bed
  18. he is patient
  19. I love him, even though he has a cell phone in his ear 80% of the time
  20. I love our special times alone
  21. he is romantic when he wants to be
  22. he takes care of bath duty for the boys EVERY night ~~~ do you know how wonderful that is?
  23. he doesn't mind cooking once in a while
  24. he loves my family
  25. I love to watch him play with the boys
  26. I love that when he was feeding our children when they were babies that he would open his mouth when he put the spoon up to their mouth - each and every bite
  27. I love him for simply being him



Mimi said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mommyto3K's said...

Awww, how sweet. Happy anniversary Julie!! Congrats on 27 years. That is wonderful!!

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