Friday, September 18, 2009


This is totally unbelievable . . . today, my parents were going to begin re-shingling their roof. The waited a few hours for their shingles to arrive and had the man power to get a lot of the shingle work done today. Well, that was the plan . . .

The truck arrived with the shingles on a pallet and the truck driver began lifting the shingles onto the roof when this happened:

Apparently when the driver had the pallet of shingles on the top of the roof, the hydraulic hose broke. The pallet of shingles then plummeted through the roof of the garage. Several roof trusses were broken, the sofet and guttering ruined and now a big hole in the roof of the garage. There is damage on the other side of the house from the impact PLUS hydraulic oil was sprayed all over the house, roof and drive.
Needless to say, the roofing job was put on hold for the day. Praise The Lord that no one was injured or killed in this freak accident. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A TRAGIC ACCIDENT.
Please life Mom and Dad up in prayer . . . today was a bit rough at their house. There is a lot of repair to be done . . . Plus the roof still needs shingled.

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Mimi said...

That is just incredible! Thank God that nobody was hurt!
I will be praying for your parents.

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