Monday, September 7, 2009


O.k. girls . . . even though my hubs has not made the frame for my uppercase living project, I hung it anyway. Here it is:

The project all began with a white canvas . . . after three different colors of paint AND my Uppercase Living two part applique, this was the result.

The artwork hangs over our mantel in our piano room and was a blast to make. It was done in just a few hours on a Saturday Morning and was VERY relaxing.

To make this project all you need is:
  • a little imagination
  • a 30 x 30 white canvas
  • black acrylic paint
  • gold acrylic paint
  • bronze acrylic paint
  • spray protectant
  • the two part system from Uppercase Living
  • a few paint brushes - large and small to med size

Lay out some newspaper or other protective covering ~~~ I lay it on my table to work. First begin with the black acrylic . . . apply some paint and then work it into the canvas until the entire canvas and sides are covered in black. Allow to dry.

After the black is dry, start using swiping motions to apply first either the gold or bronze . . . nothing is wrong, just go with your heart. Alternate between colors until you are satisfied with the look of the canvas. Let dry.

After the acrylic paint was dry, I sprayed a protectant over the entire canvas and let dry. After all is dry, measure the canvas in order to apply the Uppercase Living product to your canvas. Apply Uppercase Living product according to directions. In my project this was a two step process.

Either frame or leave as is and ENJOY!


Mimi said...

Julie, that is beautiful!
You really have a talent. You could sell your work... seriously!!! I am jealous and impressed!

Brenda said...

Uh. You need one more thing. TALENT. Beautiful!

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