Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Where do they get this stuff? I constantly wonder this about the things my children say or do. There are times I am in utter amazement and disbelief and the "stuff" they try to get by with . . . it can be jaw dropping!

As a child, I would NEVER have thought to say or do the things that kids come up with these days.

a little sampling of things they say . . .
  • WHY can't I?
  • GIVE ME one good reason why I can't!
  • 'cause' I wanted to!
  • 'cause' I didn't want to!
  • I don't have to!
  • my friends are . . .
  • tattle, tattle, tattle
  • Mommy . . . Daddy won't let me . . .
  • Daddy . . . Mommy won't let me . . .
  • I'm telling Mommy
  • asking someone other than family . . . What are you buying me for my birthday? It is in a few days.
  • Volunteering ~~~ it is going to be my birthday soon, come over to my house and have cake! (no party was planned)
  • I didn't do THAT . . . Ida Know who Did!
  • NOT ME x 4
  • It was . . . 4 little boys blaming one another
  • I didn't . . . even though two adults witnessed it

a little sampling of things they do:

  • spit on the floor from the top bunk bed
  • try to hang on the ceiling fan (fan has since been removed)
  • jump from several stairs down to the foyer (this is a big no no)
  • swing from the banister (another big no no)
  • jump or run or body slam on the sectional (I don't think so babe!)
  • leave their dirty clothes on the floor and tell me they are in the laundry (not a good idea)
  • not put away their clean clothes in their drawers or hang them (the hangers are already on the clothing prior to the children taking them to their room) ~~ (guess what they get to clean up?)
  • throwing clean clothing onto the closet floor and closing the door (does not make a happy momma)
  • peeing their pants at night and then hiding them under their blanket or pillow (nasty - if/when they do that, they get to strip their beds themselves)
  • leave things for others to pick up and put away (we talk about others first)
  • tell me their chores are completed when they are not (busted)
  • pick boogies (nasty, nasty, nasty)
  • sometimes eat the boogies or put them on someone else (ewe - boys are gross)
  • body slam one another (as long as no one is hurt - it is o.k.)
  • pile ups (as long as no one is hurt - it is o.k.)

In our house, we can almost expect anything to be said or done. Much of the time, things are simple normal little boy actions like some of the above. Other times, the children choose to do what that want regardless of the circumstances or end result.

We as parents MUST take the time to be with our children, to enjoy our children, to teach our children and to love our children. Parents, we can not afford to worry that our child won't like us if we "make" them do the right thing or discipline them. Parenting isn't a popularity contest . . . God NEVER designed parenting that way. God didn't intend for us to be "friends" with our children instead of "parents." Parenting can be fun, don't take me wrong! We have HUGE responsibilities to God, our children, our spouses and our communities to be Godly Parents.

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Isabel said...

Oh! It is so good to know these things don't just happen here!!!

You are so right! we have a huge responsibility as parents.

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