Sunday, September 6, 2009

Catch Up!

I cannot believe our long weekend is almost at an end . . . where did it go? Time has flown so quickly . . . Has it for you as well?

I have not posted for a few days, so I should probably make this post a recap of the past few days.

Friday, C my three year old and I took it easy for the day. It was a good thing we did because that little man was high maintenance!!! He was into everything and every room. I would get one room tidied up from his hurricane run through and he was on to the next. It was a long, long day.

Saturday, we had a great day outside. First thing K and I tag teamed and mowed the backyard with the push mower. We both got come great exercise and the yard looked great when we were finished. I wore a allergy mask and I hope that will help me not come down with a terrible allergic reaction to the outside.

After the mowing, the kids played in the sandbox for a long time. They were building hills and sand castles and driving their dump trucks over them. I loved watching them just being boys. After they were done playing, we played pick up the leaves and throw them in the fire pit. The boys like picking up the leaves that have fallen into the yard from the neighbors trees. We put them all into the firepit for our wiener roast last evening. While we worked on picking leaves out of the flower beds, we sang our little hearts out. All Bible songs except for the Oscar Mayer Bologna song! Once the leaves were tidied, we loaded in some old wood from a worn out wooden outdoor rocker and started up the fire. We had a second chair that was all rotted out as well and the kids had a great time trying to break it apart. Without K's help, they would not have been able to break it apart, but they tried with all of their might. Soon it was hot dog time! The kids enjoyed all the hot dogs they could eat roasted by Daddy. After dinner it was ice cream sundaes. Needless to say, everyone had a great day.

Today, we worked on cleaning the upstairs . . . it has been a few weeks since it was dusted, so there was a bit to do there but nothing out of control. I lay down on the bed about 2:30 p.m. to rest my weary bones and fell asleep for a few hours. Once awake I realized we forgot a birthday party for our three year old great niece. I would usually have the gift laying on the counter to remind us, but the gift I ordered for her has not arrived yet. Truth be known, her birthday snuck up on me and I forgot it. I am a shamie Great Aunt. :-/

Tonight it was pizza and Design Star! We were disappointed that Lonni was voted off. Next week is the final between Antonnio and Dan.

Tomorrow we hope to have the kids outside to play. I am going to take a ride on my four wheel bicycle and have a relaxing day with the kids.

What will you be doing?

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Mimi said...

Yup, the weekend was a whirwind over here. The kids start school on Tuesday.
We watch design Star, too. I did like Lonni and thought she'd win. The judges seem to like Antonio, so it will be interesting!
Have fun tomorrow!

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