Monday, September 14, 2009


Here is a new topic on this blog . . .


Do you coupon? If you do, do you download and print your coupons? Do you use the Kroger download the savings to your kroger card feature?

How do you coupon? Is it worth the time and energy?

I have tried couponing before, but never seem to get the joy out of it. It just seems too time consuming to me. What about you?

I have relatives that coupon all the time and seem to be running here and there. Do you run here and there to all of the stores?

I usually save a bit at, but that isn't for groceries.

Tell me your coupon stories!


Kelli said...

I just do simple couponing. I clip from what I get in the newspaper or from the print outs that you get at the store. I should use the Kroger download.

Mimi said...

Hi Julie! I do use coupons but I don't run all over to different stores. If I find a fabulous deal, I will make a trip. My couponing is what made me start my blogs. M frends were always asking me where I found sales and coupons, so now they can just get it online from me anytime. I usually use internet printable coupons and coupons I get in the mail from grocers. Ralphs (kroger owned) sends me lots of coupons every week, plus I can load my shoppers card online. I have my mimis jewel box blog for deals and coupons, and I have coupons 4 mom digest that I do for grocery coupons. I am not a big drugstore shopper, I could probably save more if I wanted to delve more into that area, but I like internet shopping and if I can buy what I need at the grocer or online at amazon or at, why make a trip to the drugstore? I like to be faithful to one store, which is the Ralphs right here in my neighborhood, so unless something is a totally out of this world deal on groceries, I will shop there. I save quite a bit of money couponing and it's really not hard. I never buy anyything that we would not normally need and I am not a person that will not buy unless I have a coupon. If I have one, fine, but I'll still buy the yoplait without one. I keep all of my coupons in my car in an accordion folder and that way I always have them with me. I think that if you just use them where you usually shop, it is easy and becomes a habit.

Elizabeth said...

I love coupons. I would never be able to feed my family on as little as I do if it wasn't for coupons. I go to my chain grocery store and Walgreens only 99% of the time but occasionally, there's a really GREAT sale at one of the itty bitty grocery stores in a nearby small town (this week, 99c a pound for hamburger!). That trip is always really quick though because I only get that sale item and then browse through the frozen clearance section (items that were frozen the day before their exp date and are marked down to 25% of the original price).

I honestly don't remember the last time I went shopping without at least one coupon. I get them from our weekend paper and I sign up for different sites that send out coupons (Kraft, Pampers, Luvs, etc). Also, they have a ton of great ones in the All You magazine every month :)

ParkerMama said...

I receive 5 Sunday coupons a week. That's it. Just on Sunday.

I also use internet coupons.

I keep everything organized in a binder using the little clear things that trading cards are usually kept in.

I buy only on sale with coupons as much as possible.

My grocery budget is lower than families who have only one or two kids to feed.

I have to be coupon smart and dedicated.

heartsfullofluv said...

You probably know that I use coupons, however I only shop at one grocery store--Kroger. No running around as far as that goes. What usually happens is we go there and they have great items on sale that I happen to have a coupon for. As far as other items, we go to Target. At Target they have scads of clearance at any given time on all kinds of things. They also send me coupons to use in their store. When we find stuff on clearance AND have a coupon...bonus!!
Yes, I'm a fan of them, but they don't rule my shopping experience.

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