Monday, September 14, 2009


Thank you girls for all of your comments and suggestions about couponing! You guys rock! I feel a bit encouraged about couponing and will give it a try once again.

Today was a rough day . . . bullet form seems to work for me, so here goes my challenges for the day . . . further down, I will list my blessings for the day!
  • kids were up too early
  • fussing and arguing
  • back talking
  • screaming
  • lying
  • ignoring mommy
  • facebook dogging and messing up
  • totes to unload
  • the threat of a carpenter not working if my kids and I are in the garage
  • headache, neck ache and shoulder ache

my BLESSINGS for the DAY:

  • a nap
  • daddy taking the naughtiest one with him
  • advil
  • tylenol
  • coffee
  • an understanding husband
  • a loving daughter (she made me coffee just because)
  • good friends on facebook
  • a lovely talk with my mom this morning
  • I found my meatloaf pan
  • kids that tell me they love me
  • puppy kisses
  • wireless
  • blogs that encourage
  • seeing pictures of our local festival online
  • podcasts from the Village Church
  • health
  • little boy kisses
  • all time high Farkle score
  • comfy undies
  • freshly shaven legs
  • an uninterrupted soak in the tub
  • great smelling bath shampoo

How about you? Do your blessings Out Weigh your Challenges?


Mommyto3K's said...

What a refreshing post. Blessings always outweigh the challenges!! Sometime we just have to stop, think, and put things into perspective:-)

Kelli said...

Blessing always outweight the challenges. Challenges are really a blessing as well, God trying to teach us a lesson. It's hard when you're in the middle but very true. Hang in there!

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