Sunday, August 30, 2009

Uppercase Living Project Done!

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!

Yesterday I was able to mark off one more thing on my list of extras that I wanted to complete. I finished one of the Uppercase Living Projects . . . but, I am no going to post a photo yet ~~~ hubs is going to make a frame for it first! He loved it! I am so excited because it will be perfect above the fireplace mantle in our piano room. Here are a few details of the project:
  • I purchased a white artist canvas size 30 x 30
  • chose three colors of acrylic artists paint
  • a few different paint brushes
  • my uppecase living items - two step process
  • clear coat spray

I laid out newspaper to protect my table and began my fun. I began with black - painted over the entire canvas ~~~ I felt like a true painter! lol After the black dried, which was rather quick, I applied brush sweeps of gold and bronze . . . no particular method just random strokes. Again, I waited for it to dry and then K applied the spray clear coat protectant. The finished project is now waiting for my hubs to custom make the frame. If he doesn't get to it this week, I will take it to Hobby Lobby for the frame. I have to say, I loved making this project . . . it was fun and relaxing. I will post a photo when the frame has been installed around the canvas.

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Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to see a picture, it sounds really nice. And it could inspire me to add some personal touches of art in our home! We could use it!

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