Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tidbits from the Weekend

As I write tonight, my 3 year old came downstairs - (he was to be in bed) - he came down because he wanted to see my belly button! I think not little man! He giggled and persisted, but I finally won!

K and I are excited that Melissa won The Next Food Network Star! Yippee for Melissa - Mom to four beautiful little girls!


We can't wait for your new show!

The boys went fishing Friday and Saturday night . . . what a blast we all had! The fish were ravenous and each time one of the boys cast their line into the water - zingo . . . a fish! I am not kidding!!! As you can all imagine, it was quite the circus . . . four little boys and one momma out there on our dock fishing poles in hand, plus two boxes of wiggly night crawlers. If I wasn't rebaiting a hook, I was taking a fish off of a hook, chasing down a fish that got dropped, trying to keep the boys separated for safety purposes and making sure I wasn't their next big catch!!! All in all, we went through almost two boxes of night crawlers (2 dozen), lost several hooks, weights and bobbers, several feet of line and nastied my manicure!!! Praise the Lord I have a nail appointment on Wednesday - she is going to ask . . . Girl, What HAVE You Been Doing?!!! Anyway, the boys pulled in more fish than I could keep up with - in estimation I would say that 30 would be a good number . . . no kidding! Then there was the big one . . . Our 6 year old got a little too close to our 5 year old and I hear a scream . . . I went running and was yelling = STAND STILL, DON'T MOVE, I AM COMING!!! I was horrified at the thought of a child with a hook in his body somewhere! Our 6 year old went to cast and somehow caught our 5 year old on the inside of his bottom lip. When I finally got a look, the lip was sticking out much like a pout with a hook and line attached while the 6 year old was hanging on to the line. I took the pole from him and led our 5 year old to the edge of the yard where I set him down so I could take a look. While I was doing this, Daddy was on his way out to us with cutters in the event we needed to cut the hook. I pulled his bottom lip out further and found that the hook had barely pricked the surface of the lip . . . it was just enough to get a pin dot of blood. I gently removed it and then took a good look . . . Praise God it wasn't worse . . . barely a pin prick! I think our 6 year old felt worse for the wear than the injured party! Our 5 year old was quite the trooper though - it was back to fishing for him - alone on his side of the dock!

Tickles and chinchies were the course of the day! The boys love it when we chinchie (small pinchies to their hiney and tickles to their arm pits) and request chinchie butts. The laugh so hard we have to let them catch their breath and also remind them to go potty BEFORE it is too late!

Last night we sat out on our deck singing Bible songs . . . the boys loved it! We also read two stories . . . the mosguitoes came out, so we had one of those little lanterns that ward them off. It worked really well!

The Playset/Playscape was a huge hit in its new location. Here are a few photos of the set being moved:

and its New Place in Our Yard

Our back yard is nearing completion. Irrigation is next, followed by final grading, plantings and sod! Woo Hoo!!! I can't wait to post completed pictures!


Kelli said...

Yeah it's almost there. It looks like it's going to be really nice and fun for the kids. I'm so happy your little one is OK. That story made me gasp. I know his brother felt bad, so I'm glad it all turned out well...praise God.

Jeanette said...

"Chinchie", wonder where they got that from????

The yard looks great!!

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