Monday, August 10, 2009

A Pretty Great Day!

K and I had a lovely lunch with my Mom, Sisters and Nieces today. The lunch was very relaxed and fun. The lady seated us at the back corner of the restaurant which was great for us to be able to chat and giggle. Everyone had a blast! We don't get together near enough!

Upon returning home to rescue Daddy from the boys, we began tackling a few things around here.
  • kitchen counters were wiped down
  • breakfast bar wiped down
  • cabinets all washed with Murphy's Oil soap
  • kitchen floors vacuumed
  • kitchen floor hand washed
  • Mud room cabinets were washed with Murphy's
  • Mud room floor vacuumed
  • Mud room floor mopped
  • pantry counter wiped down
  • pantry floor vacuumed
  • pantry floor mopped
  • pantry tidied
  • hallway vacuumed
  • hallway dusted
  • hallway mopped
I found out today that my work computer's hard drive crashed. Dell is to overnight one so that our computer service guy can replace it. That leaves me without a computer to log into from home. I guess that means my bookwork will have to wait until mid-week.

School begins one week from today. I am excited and I think the kids are too! C still resists the potty training fully. The preschool teacher said she is willing to work with him, however I am just not certain he is ready to go emotional. Maybe it is just me that is not ready . . . my last baby in preschool. After all, he is only three. We didn't start R until he was four.

Daddy has started bath time, quiet time is coming soon. Hopefully we will watch a movie.

Have a great night!


Mimi said...

It sounds like a fun girl's outing. I kept my kids home until the were potty trained. Bos are so much harder to train than girls, and more immature.They need their mommy!

Kelli said...

That does sound like a pretty nice day. I'm sorry about your computer and I hope it gets fixed soon.

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