Sunday, August 2, 2009


Our weekend has been pretty o.k. Yesterday was rainy and so the kids played on the deck for a long time with their blocks - I have posted a slide show below this post for you to view.

We enjoyed our day yesterday by simply watching the kids play. It was wonderful to simply sit back and watch them. They built houses, ships, airplanes and buildings. They played pretty well by themselves. We then had lunch on the deck, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

Later in the day, we watched Nanny McPhee . . . the kids really like that movie! Our evening was calm and everyone seemed to have a great day!

Dinner last night was Applebee's - I enjoyed a lovely steak, baked potato and salad. Everyone had their own Favorite!

Today everyone slept in . . . a very rare occasion!

We pretty much have everyone ready for school to begin. Backpacks are loaded with school supplies - everything is so shiny and new. Don't you just love it?

I am so totally ready for this:

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12-arrows said...

that video is hilarious! man your kids start so early but we get out late and start late so I guess it all evens out! It won't be too long and your house will be all quiet once again! Enjoy the noise I always miss it and my heart aches for it when I have to let my kids go back to school..........

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