Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Day Out in Africa and a Rainy Day Today

Good Friday morning all . . . Wow, what a day we had yesterday! We went to the Zoo yesterday and they had an incredible exhibit . . . AFRICA. To say it was amazing was an understatement! It really didn't take much effort to actually imagine that you were in Africa. Check this out:

The landscape was very interesting, fun and well done.

a few of the animals:

Yesterday I did post a lot of photos in a slideshow . . . you can check those out if you want to see more.

The rains are once again falling. It looks like evening out as I write. The boys are cleaning up puzzles and K is helping Mrs. S prepare for kindergarten. We have already had lunch and are preparing for rest time.

My day has gotten away from me . . . although I did get the refrigerator cleaned out. That is a chore sometimes!
We are ready to begin the weekend.


Elizabeth said...

My weekend is just ending as yours begins :) Those are terrific pictures! I love the angle you got on the giraffe :)

Jenny said...

Ya'lls Africa exhibit looks just like ours, wonder if the same designers did them

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