Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I know I have said this before . . . my children really need to go back to school. REALLY!!! Just when I think the boys are playing so nicely ~~~ screaming, yelling and chasing erupts. MOMMY is yelled continually throughout these occasions. My children seem to have misplaced their ability to love, respect and value on another . . . maybe it is from too much time together, what do you think?

The boys have been VERY inventive with their time though . . .
  • t-peeing the main floor with toilet paper - no one has confessed to that one yet
  • talking one another into doing things they know they are not to do
  • one child painted his own toe nails - hmmm not a boy thing - even when his aunts have tried and succeeded once when he was a baby
  • pushing tampons out of the applicators (yes, they unwrapped them ~ wonder what they thought they were?)
  • maxi pads ~~ those have them baffled as well
  • spitting from the top bunk onto the child in the bottom bunk
  • one child cut chunks of hair out of the top of his head and then proceeded to tell the hair stylist his hair just grows that way - hmmmm don't think so - yes, he was made to call and apologize
  • putting lovies (blankies) in the freezer - they wanted them cold
  • played in the dvds - guess it was fun to mix them up - wrong dvd to case
  • one child p'eed on his bedroom floor and decorative pillow - NASTY - we do have two bathrooms upstairs
  • one child hid his p'eed undies in his bed - NASTY ~~ not the same child
  • one or more children have put their fingers in my melted scency wax - therefore covering their fingertips in wax and then proceeding to peel it off all over my master bedroom and another time all over our piano room
  • sucking toothpaste out of the tube (children's)
  • learning to use the telephone (without permission)
  • aggravating our dogs - all three of them
  • together, the boys have made an intelligent, hardworking kindergarten teacher question her teaching and overseeing/babysitting ability
  • hiding of wrappers in their toy bins instead of throwing them in the garbage
  • throwing chewed gum into toy bins instead of disposing in the garbage - no more gum!
  • beating up fish with their fishing poles
  • trying to run each other over with their bicycles
  • they tried to run me over as well ~~~ didn't set well with Mommy though
The boy talk around our house this summer involved but wasn't limited to:
  • that is MINE
  • Give it to ME NOW
  • what did you do?
  • why did you do that?
  • don't go in that room, I was just in there and it stinks really bad (the bathroom)
  • it is all your fault
  • stop touching MY stuff
  • M O M
  • it wasn't me
  • I didn't do it
  • so and so (insert name here) did it
  • I don't have anything to do
  • mommy can I help you? (this was a favorite of mine)
  • what IS that stink?
  • wieners - yes, anyone with boys know that body parts are mentioned often with boys
  • you are the bad guy
  • me/I am the good guy
  • don't take that
  • WHY ????? - asked numerous times a day by my children to me
  • I am hungry - (we ate a 1/2 hour ago)
  • I want a snack
  • what is for desert?
  • volcanoes
  • can we watch a movie?
  • I don't want to go to bed . . . I am not tired

The other day I purchase some of those new Diva Cups - I was curious about them . . . they will save $$$ and are supposed to be safer than tampons. I asked my six year old to take them up to my bathroom . . . he asked what they were and I told them they were for Mommy. Well, he came back downstairs and said, "I know what those things are . . . CUPS!" Well, he really did think they were cups - he put them in my a.m./morning kitchen! Yikes!


Elizabeth said...

Ok, I don't feel SO bad anymore. I'm not the only one being driven up the wall by little boys :)

Zack (and sometimes Zander) has done almost all of the above recently too. But the toothpaste was not just sucked down... it was spread on all the bars of Zander's crib and the mini blinds too!! Ugh!

Mommyto3K's said...

Hang in there sister!! School is right around the corner. You've had one boy filled Summer,lol.

Mimi said...

Kids are so funny! My two did their share of misbehaving when they were little, too. You know that someday you'll look back on these times and laugh!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Diva Cups! LOL! Boys will be boys! I'm outnumbered too!

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