Sunday, August 9, 2009


In our home EVERYTHING must be purchased in the GIANT ECONOMY SIZE. I have to laugh . . . people with small families don't realize . . . small doesn't work for large families. Example: small ketchup bottle will last approximately three meals before it runs out - o.k. so my kids LOVE ketchup! ;-) Lets move on . . . toilet paper . . . NEVER EVER under any circumstance simply buy the four pack ~~~ Always purchase the giant economy pack of BIG ROLL toilet paper - preferably Charmin, because if you don't you are consistently running out of paper on the roll AND running out! Cereal . . . the largest box available of your favorite kind or the one time you want it . . . you guessed it ~ IT'S GONE . . . kids ate it in one day! Bread ~~~ try seven or eight loaves a week during the school year. Toys are generally purchased in four's . . . one for each boy. Toys are then marked with each child's letter . . . to distinguish one child's toy from the other three ~~~ a must for sanity purposes. Grocery Store visits are amazing in themselves . . . a typical grocery outing consists of a multiple page list and ends with three or four overflowing carts of groceries. People do tend to take a second glance and at times, we get comments from others. Once I had a woman stop to tell me that she was having a panic attack just imagining what our grocery bill would be with all of those carts. I think you get the picture about buying for a large family . . . this topic could go on for hours.

People often ask me "How do you do it with FIVE children?" The truth is, each day takes care of its own. There are days that everyone and everything simply goes through the day without effort ~~~ however, those days are in the minority. Then there are the normal days . . . we get out of bed like everyone else and that is where the similarities end. Breakfast begins with hungry noisy boys that challenge one another at just about everything. During the summer chores come right after breakfast and then play time. Each child has their own chores to complete. The school year changes things up a bit, but the children still have their chores to do after school. We limit the after school activities . . . which works well for now since they are young. Homework is to be done after chores and before dinner although most nights K has homework after dinner as well. A reasonable schedule is the only way to retain any sanity during the school year . . . otherwise chaos breaks out. I find that my day goes much better when I have spent time alone with God . . . I love to listen to audio sermons . . . devotion time on my deck and/or radio.

If you were to visit my home on any given summer day upon entering my home you would find: noisy, rambunctious, creative and loving little boys . . . four of them. One charming, intelligent and loving daughter attempts to balance things out. Add to that mix three dogs . . . a Sheltie, Lhasa Apso and Mi-Ki and three gold fish. Upon entering beware of boy toys . . . those legos and hot wheels cars can be hard on the feet. Little boys will be heard throughout the house and their imaginations never cease to amaze me!

Although we have a large family, it isn't as large as some. I must say, I love to watch movies of large families . . . especially the old movies. Yours, Mine and Ours from 1968 is one of my favorites. Here is the trailer from 1968: (turn the blog music off by going down the right side and pressing pause prior to watching the trailer) ENJOY!


Elizabeth said...

Your grocery bill scares me too and I'm only going to have 2 less kids than you LOL! I've learned that coupons and stockpiling are my best friends. At 5, Zack's appetite is as big as mine. Zander's already catching up. And Jason eats enough for 2 grown men (I don't know how he stays skinny, I just don't). Sadly, I have to add fillers to our meals. Lots of potatoes, noodles, rice, frozen veggies, etc. Even yogurt gets mixed with dry cereal and frozen berries to make it more filling and make one of the large cartons stretch a lot further. I'm so worried about what will happen when my boys are teenagers with Daddy-size appetites! Hopefully by then, our home business will be up and running and we'll be in a much better financial situation.

I laughed at the description of entering your house. Mine's similar but probably nowhere near as noisy (though some days, I'm not so sure LOL). But a noisy, crazy house full of young boys and little dogs is a happy house :)

Kelli said...

If I had more patience and stayed home I would love to have a bigger family. I just love having little feet running through the house and hugs and kisses and new lessons learned. Thanks for sharing your life with us, it sounds fun.

Kelli said...

I left you an award/tag at my spot.

Cheffie-Mom said...

You are very blessed! enJOY your family!

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