Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have a headache . . . I have taken Tylenol, but I still have a headache. Could be that no one in my house wants to be obedient today ~~~ everyone wants to "do their own thing" regardless of what Mom says.

I had my day planned out . . . however, a computer problem at the office sent my plans for the day out the window. The good news . . . the computer guy arrived shortly after I did and found the problem. He weeded out some programs on the server hard drive that we no longer use and tidied that up a bit and then worked on the other computer problems we were having. The not so good news . . . we are outgrowing our server but we have decided to wait until next spring to get a larger one. I told S to simply tidy up the hard drive of the server and see if he can make enough "space" in the C drive to allow the accounting program to operate properly. He said he could.

I came home to find quite a few plantings in the ground . . . not ready for photos yet, but should be soon! It is FINALLY all coming together! It makes me smile!

Tomorrow I had a big day planned doctor appointments, lunch and then goofy golf. However the boys leave me no choice but to cancel our fun for tomorrow. Disobedience and lying will not be rewarded. Each of them have pushed the Mommy & Daddy buttons for the day. Although allowed the chance to tell the truth, two of the four decided lies would be better. Not a good choice! All four have chosen to do as they pleased today, regardless of the rules of our home. Instead of spending the money to go out to lunch and goofy golf games, Katelyn and I will go out to lunch or dinner on Saturday and go to a movie Saturday night. Randy and I will take a night out in a week or so.

Tonight I took the time to tidy up my blogs. I don't know about you, but I have found that I had a lot of blogs that I was following that had not been updated in a long time or that I was no longer interested in. I stopped following several.


Mimi said...

Hi Julie, I'm sorry to hear that the boys are still telling lies. You are definitely right to put the fun times on hold. I think that I just scared my kids out of lying when the were little. I hope that your headache goes away and that you and K have a nice time out together.
Hugs, Mimi

Kelli said...

Oh no, the outing is cancelled! I'm glad your yard is still coming along and I'll be excited to see pictures. I update my following and sidebar of blogs all the time.

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