Monday, August 17, 2009


Everyone had a pretty good day at school . . . even if it was a half day! Tomorrow begins a full day of school!

I get to check off one of my "extra" things to get done . . . the Porch! Cob webs are down, it has been swept, rinsed off, door dusted and windows washed. It feels good to get it done!

The new porch railing was installed today and we love it! I took some photos and wanted to take more but nightfall came quickly!

My day was busy, even with the kids at school . . .

  • wrapped Grandpa's birthday gift
  • made our bed
  • dust mopped the master bedroom
  • washed dishes in the a.m. kitchen
  • made a staples order
  • made a dog food order
  • picked the kids up from school
  • visited with Grandpa for his Birthday (it was yesterday)
  • researched a new Dell computer for my office at home - mine is wearing out - keys don't all work, dvd drive has gone capute and it has a few issues like - running out of memory
  • washed my automobile
  • took care of the remainder of what K needed for school - you know those little add ons to the school list
  • snapped a few photos
  • stepped on a rock on the drive and hurt my foot - just call me gracie!
  • wrote a note to a teacher for tomorrow
  • snuck in a little nap
It was a busy day! Here are a few photos:

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Kelli said...

You have a lot on your list to do, as usual. I have no doubts that you'll get it all done. I need you to send me some of your motivation. Oh and can you tell me what those yellow flowered bushes are in the 8th picture? I love them.

Kelli said...

Oh and I love your new background.

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