Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is my 100th post on this blog! Hurray! I love milestones!

Today was a lovely laid back day. Hubs took the kids outside to the pool and they swam for a few hours. K and I were able to chill out and watch a movie . . . or two.

Hubs made dinner . . . brats on the grill and fresh corn on the cob from the farmer's market.

I helped K with her blog . . . she needed it to be updated with a little color. It is now black and white with a little turqoise! She wanted her art drawings placed on her blog in a slideshow, so I did that for her as well. She was so excited!

The temps outside reached into the 90's today and we had a heat advisory for possible heat indeces of 105 degrees. The hot temps didn't stop the landscaping guys . . . they were here early this morning and worked until around 4:00 p.m. on laying the pavers for our drive. It is going to look incredible! There were many drive by onlookers throughout the day. I continue to joke that we should charge drive by admission for the front of the house and the back from the lake. The lake usually has a lot of traffic from the jet skis, pontoon and other boats.

K took a few photos of the drive - the sun put a pretty good glare on the photo - sorry.

and the walkway to the house from the drive.

Mrs. S's last day here with the boys was last Thursday . . . we will miss seeing her three days a week. Although when school starts, one of my boys will have her as a teacher each day. She is awesome ~ we couldn't love her more!

K and I want to go and see the new movie Julie and Julia. It will probably be some evening after the boys go to bed and R is relaxing.

Closing for tonight - have a great evening.


heartsfullofluv said...

OMW!!! The driveway bricklayers work FAST!!! I saw your drive this AM from the hill as I went to a GS on your street. They definitely were out there early! Looks beautiful!!
Have a fun rest of the day--stay cool!!

Kelli said...

The driveway looks very nice. I can't believe the summer is almost over.

Elizabeth said...

That is beautiful. It's a very classy choice! And a friend of mine has been raving about Julie & Julia. I hope you enjoy it :)

Mimi said...

The pavers look great. You'll have to give us a reiew of the movie! I have the Julia Child's dvd set and the Julia and Jaques set from PBS. They are fantastic!

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