Saturday, August 15, 2009


Instead of Months or Weeks, we are down to Days . . . TWO . . . TWO DAYS . . . TWO DAYS UNTIL SCHOOL RESUMES!!!

My children have been out of school since MID MAY . . . EXACTLY THREE MONTHS! Everyone is so excited that school begins on Monday!

  • Backpacks are packed . . .
  • school supplies are in the packs
  • shoes are in the packs
  • letters to teachers about each child are in the packs
  • physical forms are in the packs
  • snacks are in the packs
Needless to say, the packs are heavier than the kids! I can just see them toppling over backwards!


In other news:

Today K and I went to see Julie and Julia and it was a wonderful movie! Except for the time when the unacceptable for any reason word was said, one time. The movie was charming and we learned a few things about Julia Child that we never knew.

Our sod was laid today and looks tremendous! I want to get out and get some photos, but that may wait until tomorrow. The sod is soggy from the sprinkler and it is really hot out there today.

Our new freezer arrived today . . . it now awaits our beef. We should be getting a call from the butcher soon.

My Daddy's Birthday is tomorrow . . . Happy Birthday Dad! We hope to be able to come up on Sunday to see you, but if not we can do it Monday. Not sure what the day will bring.

My Father in laws Birthday is Monday . . . Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is also a Birthday party for our Great Niece . . . I hope all are behaving around my house so we can go.

Well, not much has gotten done around here today so I better close and get to it.


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