Wednesday, July 15, 2009


You know your day is going to be a challenge when:
  • you wake in a very bad mood because your hubs did something you didn't like in your dream (this is bad for you and hubs - I speak from experience!)
  • you forget to set your alarm and you over sleep
  • you get out of bed and step in a little package left for you by the dog
  • you trudge to the coffee maker urgently needing that cup of freshly brewed coffee to find you are totally out of coffee
  • you go into the bathroom and do what is necessary only to find there is no toilet paper
  • your hubs calls you on the telephone and suddenly realizes he called the wrong number then he says - I didn't want to call you and hangs up (later he realizes what he did and he calls to make up)
  • it is lunch time . . . you have had a certain left over in your mind that you are looking forward to eating . . . you get to the fridge and reach in - SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WANTED THAT . . . I ate it for lunch
  • you are doing laundry . . . you have just switched it out - wash in the dryer and dirty clothes in the washer - off you go to hang out until the laundry is done. It has been a while so you go in to check on the laundry - duh, you forgot to turn on the machines!!!
  • you sync your mobile telephone with your computer - only to find out a few days later that you have missed an appointment. Upon inspection, you find that during the sync both your mobile telephone AND your computer's calendar have been wiped out
  • you didn't get laundry done and now you are out of undies
  • you are trying to get your child's attention, but forget which one you are calling . . . so you start down the name list from oldest to youngest
  • you look at your child and totally go blank as to the child's name, so you just say - Hey you . . . with the face!
  • you have told your child time and again to get moving or you will be late for school . . . finally out of desperation you tell the child if he/she cannot get moving you will send them to school in their pjs. The child decides to test those boundaries and you follow through with your promise - off to school in their jammies. Your child comes home with a naughty note - not about your child, but about you - apparently it is against school policy to send your child in anything but school clothes you are asked to refrain from sending your child to school in his/her jammies
  • you send your child to his/her room for being naughty only to ask ten minutes later where he/she is
  • you forget that you have sent your child to the corner and remember 2 hours later - ooops
  • you and your dear daughter are off to go shopping . . . you are in a nice store, looking through the baby clothing when you drop an article of clothing . . . you bend over to pick it up and "oooppsss" you, um . . . pass a little gas . . . Your daughter hears this and being eight years old says in a very loud voice . . . MAN MOM YOU TOOTED!
  • it is field trip day and you have gone along to assist in the kindergarten class - you are in charge of six children and are told o.k. everyone have fun . . . since you drove and not rode in the bus (due to dislike of buses) you were not aware of the group instructions . . . all groups would be attending INSIDE exhibits and learning sessions . . . you decide to take your group throughout the entire field trip destination and return back to the check in site at lunch time only to find a frantic kindergarten teacher - "Where Have You Been?" "We were all worried sick!" Oooooppppssss - needless to say, my group had a great time and saw all of the sites - except the inside ones! If I were to receive a grade for the day - I would have gotten an F from the teacher, but an A from the kids. Needless to say, I don't do field trips anymore, especially that one!
Yes readers, each and every one of the above are true AND have happened to me.


Mimi said...

Hi Julie, I once had a very bad dream about my hubs and socked him hard in my sleep. He woke me up and wanted to know why I hit him!
On our honeymoon in the Caribbean, he was playing a card game and I decided to go to the room early. I kept dreaming that somebody was pounding on the door, oh yes, I locked him out and we were in a very small island resort which closed the front desk at 8 pm. He left his key in the room. He stayed up all night while I sept like a log. When I woke up, I was very upset to find that he had not come back,it was a Lucy Ricardo moment! I could go on and on, but you get the picture!

stitchin' girl said...

I totally love your list!! I am also a mom to 5 and these things have truly happened to me also. thanks for the comment on my blog, I hope you enjoy the book :o)

Jeanette said...

I'm trying to guess which kid got sent to school in his jammies. I would guess probably C!! Funny list :}

Kelli said...

Great list...or not so great? I have forgotten about putting Jamison on time out before. I felt so bad.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Oh my! What a list! I have days like that, too!

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