Sunday, July 19, 2009

What July 20 Means to Me

July 20 . . . What does it mean to me? Well, July 20 many years ago I was born into this world. I was premature, but a fighter! I weighed 4lbs 9 ounces. Since July 20 is my 45th birthday I thought I would post 45 things about myself . . .

1. I am the oldest daughter
2. I have two sisters and one brother
3. I have five children (1 daughter and 4 sons)
4. I am an aunt to 13
5. I am a great aunt to six
6. I am a wife of 26 3/4 years
7. I have been a child of God for 39 years
8. I have never had a speeding ticket
9. I absolutely love my family
10. My daughter is my favorite and personal artist
11. I do not like to speak in front of a crowd/audience
12. I do not fly - for any reason - if God wanted me to fly He would have given me wings
13. My daughter and I are the best of friends . . . but there is still that fine line that I am her mother
14. I had my gallbladder out almost a year ago - they gave me a huge scar for my trouble
15. I love photography and my favorite subjects are my children
16. I try to talk to my Mom at least four times a week
17. I think my feet are ugly - my big toe is too stubby and my second toe is too long
18. I must have my hair colored every four weeks - actually I probably should have it done at three weeks, but four will have to do. If I don't have it colored, my hair would be white . . . not gray, but white.
19. I love to cook, but hate the clean up
20. My favorite animal . . . dogs (although, I would love to have an alpaca)
21. I love to watch Food Network and HGTV
22. I am proud of my children, even though I at time am weary of their actions, I am proud of them
23. I love to shop online
24. I loathe going into the stores to shop
25. I am opinionated
26. I share my birthday with my nephew . . . Happy Birthday little buddy!!!
27. My favorite drink is water
28. I love Coffee and must have a large cup or two each morning
29. I am NOT a morning person . . . never have been
30. I am very specific about which way the toilet paper is supposed to go . . . over not under
31. I do not like a messy toothpaste tube
32. I use Lancome makeup
33. I can build a VW Bug engine from nothing to finished . . . that is scary isn't it?
34. I home schooled our daughter for two years
35. I once stood atop a toilet at work screaming because there was a mouse in the bathroom with me
36. I don't think I could go a full day without my computer
37. I am a list maker
38. I wear granny panty undies and love them . . . what is up with thongs?
39. I love to blog and facebook and have two blogs
40. I love to soak in a tub filled with bubbles and simply relax
41. I love being a mom ~~~ it has always been my dream ~~~ even if the kids do drive me crazy!
42. I was born and raised a Cub fan ~~~ I will always be a Cub fan
43. I must wear bifocals to read now . . . yes, I am one of those long arm readers without my glasses
44. I love pottery, gerbera daisies and orchids
45. I really do not like the thought of being 45 . . . yes, it bothers me, but it is better than the alternative

Well, there you have it . . . 45 things about me! I usually don't reveal my age . . . instead you will hear something like . . .

I am 39 plus shipping and handling!!!

Have a great day!


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday!
I never reveal my age either, in fact if asked I have to do the math to figure it out. Usually that's only at the doctor's, thank goodness!
I hope that you had a fabulous day and may your birthday wish come true!

Kelli said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!! I can relate to your list...over, always over, I fly but I hate it, I talked to my mom daily, I LOVE online shopping because I hate to shop for clothes, definitely a list maker and love my granny panties. I hope you have a fabulous day!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you!

tonya said...

Happy birthday to you! Great list!

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