Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The question has been asked, "What is an a.m. kitchen?"

The a.m. kitchen or morning kitchen offers an array of small appliances for breakfast or evening unwinding and solitude.

When we remodeled and added an addition to our home, one of the things we wanted was an a.m. kitchen connected to our Master Bedroom. Our Master Suite consists of a walk in closet, bathroom, bedroom, a.m. kitchen and deck.

Our a.m. kitchen:
  • attached to the Master bedroom
  • has a built in coffee machine
  • has a built in microwave
  • has a built in mini fridge and freezer combination
  • has a built in sink & water filtration
  • cabinetry
  • chairs to relax in
  • possibly a television
The room basically allows you to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, small snack, and relaxation . . . all from the comforts of the master suite. It is a wonderful get away . . . a great place to have Bible/Devotional time or a lovely chat with your spouse. My kids love it too.

Here are a few photos of our Master Bedroom going into and including the a.m./morning kitchen and attached deck . . . I did not include the master bath photos as you can see them HERE.

I will try to describe as best I can for you to get the layout . . .

After going up the stairs and straight ahead through the hallway you see the Master bedroom.

A close up of our bed and new Pottery barn bedding. I plan to put a little something on the wall above the headboard . . .

This is my night table . . .

Standing just inside the mb door and looking left, you get a glimpse of our a.m. kitchen and attached deck.

Another view . . .

Now I have stepped into the a.m. kitchen and snapped a picture . . . This is my hub's chair and ottoman.

A few of my pretties . . . yes, the plant is real and I love the geese. We have a ton of them on the lake, so they fit right in.The little plaque and stand were from Uppercase Living and I made them myself!

My chair and ottoman sits on the left of the room . . . further left is the television.

Standing on the deck and looking back into the a.m. kitchen this is what you see to the left . . . a microwave, sink and coffee machine.

To the right is more cabinetry and a refrigerator/freezer with ice maker unit.

Walking out the sliding door to the deck . . . this is what you see . . . my favorite place to be . . . my little table overlooking the yard and the lake. This deck is up three stories in the back due to a walk out basement. The breezes up on this deck are wonderful as is the view. We also installed a fan to keep those breezes coming!

Some beautiful plants I received for my birthday:

The view to the left:

There you have it . . . now I have to go and check on laundry . . . have a great day!


Kelli said...

OK so that's where we'll sit and have coffee when I come to visit ;) I love the cabinetry and furniture. You decorate just how I would. Thanks for sharing.

Mimi said...

I love, love, love your view and your deck! What a great idea to put in an a.m. kitchen!

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