Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I Have Learned As A Boy Mom

I thought a little post about "What I Have Learned As A Boy Mom" would be a fun. So here goes:

What I Have Learned As A Boy Mom . . . so far! Girl Moms be prepared!

  • never, under any circumstance allow more than one boy in the bathroom at a time . . . pee fights erupt
  • make it a habit to check to make sure your little guys are wearing undies . . . yes, sometimes they simply forget to put them on - not kidding
  • boys giggle at anything to do with bodily function
  • boys tease about everything to do with bodily function
  • boys are very loud with bodily functions
  • boys prefer their shirt fronts or sleeves over napkins
  • always be prepared as to what you will find in the bathroom - scuba gear could be helpful (maybe a hazmat suit)
  • boys never think before they do something
  • boys generally have streaks in the undies - they claim they don't have time to wipe their behinds
  • boys can stay busy in a pile of dirt for hours . . . even days
  • boys pull the legs off of bugs
  • boys tend to throw away their silverware when they throw away their napkins
  • boys are great at unloading dishwashers
  • boys are great at helping sort laundry
  • boys really think it is disgusting when they have to clean up their own urine mess from the toilet
  • boys will actually take clothes from the hamper to wear . . . if it is their favorite
  • boys will try to wear their shoes to bed
  • boys pout, whine and sass - just like girls
  • boys are rough and like to wrestle
  • boys don't worry about getting hurt
  • boys never do anything in a straight forward manner - there are always detours
  • ask a boy to go get something, they can never find it
  • boys give the hardest hugs
  • boys don't mind getting dirt into their mouths
  • boys love to jump in mud puddles
  • boys hate baths or having their hair washed
  • boys love to snuggle with their mommy
  • boys love to spit - until you tell them they have to spit and spit as a punishment for spitting (in the toilet of course)
  • boys rarely walk unless they are trying to get out of doing a task
  • boys are amazing
  • God has a great sense of humor - because He Made Those Little Rascals that we call BOYS!


Jenny said...

Aren't boys great. Love the Hazmat suit remark, I need to invest in one ;)

tonya said...

I was so excited when I saw the title of your post & you did not disappoint!! I laughed & nodded all the way through. I'm only 17 months into the adventure of being a boy mom so I still have much of your excitement in my future...thanks for the warning! As I type my husband is literally sweeping the floor with my giggling 17-month old...uh-oh...he puked...gotta go!! I LOVE MY BOYS!

Elizabeth said...

LOL! This is such a terrific post :) And I agree. Boys are fascinating to raise. Mine shock me every day! But I'm so blessed to have almost 3 of them.

Elizabeth said...

Oh yes, tea tree oil is such a gift from God! I used to be a director for Melaleuca and people had so many stories about what the oil does for them. Zack had an ear infection a couple months back. It was his first time ever being prescribed antibiotics and I was uncomfortable with it. I put some oil on a napkin in a coffee cup and heated it to steaming and then tilted Zack's head so his ear was right above the coffee cup. I did this a few times and he wasn't complaining about his ear anymore. The doctor confirmed that the infection went away :) It's magic!

That's terrific that it worked so well on their rash!

Kelli said...

This sounds like a list of "things Kelli has to look forward to." They are fun!

Cheffie-Mom said...

LOL! I almost spit out my tea! Great post!

Isabel said...

Ha ha! Though I must say that some of the things apply to girls too.

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