Monday, July 13, 2009


House Cleaning Stats: You know this is probably going to be a boring post when it starts this way. But stick with me, I just might surprise you! O.k. I will surprise you . . . pictures are at the bottom of this post!

Participants: K = daughter age 16; R = son age almost 7; C = son age 6; E = son age 5; C = son age 3 and Me - too old to tell!

Chores Completed Today by my little Cleaning Army:

Front Porch:
  • swept
  • tidied up
  • knocked down a few cob webs
Main Floor Deck:
  • watered plants
Family room:
  • sectional taken apart and moved for cleaning
  • stash of toys that were missing has been found (a.k.a. matchbox cars, Lego's and misc. trinkets)
  • stash of toys put away
  • floor vacuumed
  • floor mopped
  • sectional re-assembled (minus one side of the corner section that had the connector come out)
  • repairman for the sectional called - he will be here on Wednesday
  • cushions removed and vacuumed, under cushion area was vacuumed too
  • dusted
  • washed the mirror
  • wiped down the stainless on the lamps
  • moved other furniture and cleaned behind
  • tidied pull up, poop bag and wipe tote
  • dust bunnies wrangled
  • window sills dusted
  • plant watered
  • tidy up
  • put shoes away
Piano Room:
  • floor vacuumed
  • floor mopped
  • window sills dusted
  • floor vacuumed
  • floor mopped
  • window sills dusted
  • cleaned out and organized six drawers of coloring books, maze books, doodle books, prizes for behavior, etc.
In between rooms I was refereeing boys . . .

  • cabinets dusted
  • counter tops wiped and shined
  • plants watered
  • fish bowl cleaned (happy fish)
  • windows washed - inside and out
  • dish washers emptied
  • dishes put away
  • stove top cleaned
  • stove hood dusted
  • stove warmer dusted
  • bar stools dusted
  • microwave cleaned
  • coffee machine cleaned
  • patio doors washed inside and out
  • table and chairs dusted
  • small table lamp I re-staged the layout
  • reload dishwashers
  • clean stainless appliances
  • clean off breakfast bar - Where does all of this stuff come from?

  • LUNCH & Kids down for a rest and recharge . . . Me too!

  • scrub floor
  • dusted grandfather clock
  • vacuum hallway
  • dust hallway
  • mop hallway
  • reconciled the checkbook and savings account
  • cleaned off desk
  • dusted the desk
  • wrote the school calendar in my agenda book
  • did a little online shopping - Gymboree is having Gymbucks redemption on July 16 -20
  • K wrote me a list of clothes she wants for school from Hanna Andersson - put in that order
  • placed order with Lands End - backpacks, lunch packs, clothing

Mud Room:
  • dusted
  • mopped
  • vacuumed
  • kids lockers tidied

Tonight we were treated to a wonderful Fish dinner. My Aunt D fries up some wonderful crappie - it truly is the best fish I have ever eaten!!! Thank you Aunt D for the yummy fish!!! The fish was so yummy that E our 5 year old said . . . THIS IS THE BEST CHICKEN I HAVE EVER HAD . . . I REALLY LIKE THIS CHICKEN. Ummmm E . . . this isn't chicken, it is fish. The boys, hubs and I ate and ate . . . we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Now for some pictures of my favorite things:

The picture below was drawn by my daughter K . . . the drawing is from a Da Vinci Venice Street Scene. She drew it last year and framed it as a surprise.

A Longaberger Basket on a few Ruth Graham books.

My Beautiful new Lamp from my Sister and her Family . . . Thanks guys it is GORGEOUS!

My little oak 1/2 round table - sorry you can't see much of it.

A few shelves in my Library . . . I love the stained glass, pocket watch and book. I am also a lover of plants, leather books and old ugly pots!

This little table sits in the corner of the kitchen. Again it is an oak Mission Table, a little Pottery Barn clock, more greenery, a picture of one of my kiddos and a lamp.

This is the kitchen sink . . . I love my windows, I love the little higher counter in the corner with my clock, plants and hand blown bird. I also love my tiled walls.

This little tea set and two little cups sits atop my oven warmer. It adds a little playful color.

JuJu is my nickname . . . my Mom called me that and then my sisters and now my nieces and bloggy friends. It makes me smile! My JuJu plate sits with my "Betty pick up Bell" (that is a whole story in itself), my stainless bbq basting brush and jar plus my EVOO by Rachael Ray.

Above one set of my kitchen cabinets sits a few pictures of my boys and my Longaberger baskets.

The hallway between the kitchen and the library is filled with clock photos. Love them!


Mimi said...

I love your new lamp! ou really accomplished a lot today. I bet you're proud of your helpers.

Elizabeth said...

I would love to get you to come decorate my new house. You have such a terrific eye!

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