Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yesterday was one of THOSE days . . . Everyone has them, Don't they? I truly believe EVERYONE in our house woke on the wrong side of the bed, including me. Grumpies were the name of the game yesterday so even though we were invited to my sister's house for a cookout we kept our grumpies at home.

There was plenty to keep up "entertained" at home for the 4th. Remember, we live on a lake so there was plenty of idiot people watching to do. The people on the jet skis forgot there were rules to abide by and cause all sorts of turmoil for the other recreational fun on the lake. Those poor people in the canoes were swamped many, many times. Then those new "boaters" that can't seem to figure out the correct direction to drive around the lake . . . totally jaw dropping! However, I must say the scariest was when a group of boys I would estimated between the ages of I would say 8 to 14 were out on the lake on blow ups without life jackets on. I counted 13 boys . . . no parents, no adults and no life jackets. These boys were visiting the house two down from us. The family just purchased the home and have not moved in yet, but were celebrating at the house for the weekend. I guess they don't realize that the lake goes very deep nor do they realize that three summers ago a precious two year old drown in the lake right where they were having their fun . . . without life jackets. Where are people's brains? Besides the fact that the boaters were crazy, the jet skiers were crazy and the wind was blowing hard . . . the parents of these boys allowed them to venture out onto the lake, a lake that is new to them and without life jackets. We just shake our heads in disbelief.

The entertainment . . . besides all of the boating, jet skiing and swimming entertainment yesterday, the people that live at the end of our culdesac decided everyone needed to be entertained by their "music." Yes, they had it BLASTING! They had a HUGE get together, their own fireworks and their own very loud music. Now I enjoy good music with the rest of them, HOWEVER I am certain that not everyone enjoyed their choices of music. Let me tell you, it was hard to hear yourself think outside. Their musical entertainment played ALL DAY . . . until 10:40 p.m. last night when it abruptly ended . . . hmmm maybe the police were called by someone that had endured enough - No, it was not us!

There were a lot of homes around the lake that chose to have their own fireworks displays . . . we could see most of them even even from the far end of the lake. They were fun and it was nice to see the different variations of fireworks. Our next door neighbors were also setting off fireworks . . . there were a few that shot straight past the back of our home and exploded between our home and the other neighbors . . . a little to close for us. Thankfully we had gone inside and no one was injured.

Today promises to be a better day. So far, everyone has shed their grumpies! Praise the Lord! Daddy has taken two of the boys outside to swim. K is practicing her flute and piano. C and C are building with Duplo blocks (Bob the Builder) as I write this morning.

This afternoon will find K and I getting groceries - Yuck!!! Not my favorite thing to do, but it is HIGHLY needed.

Have a great day . . .

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Kelli said...

I hope today was better. Sounds like a crazy time on the lake, I hope those boys were safe. The loud music would have driven me crazy. I hope today is better. I need to go to the store too!

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