Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stuff and What Makes Me Smile

The skies are cloud covered once again . . . Where oh Where is the Sun?

Hubs has two of the boys out swimming . . . our youngest didn't want to swim and C has been grounded for the summer from swimming. The temps are warm, so the swimming should be very fun!

K has gone with Grammy out for the day . . . lunch and a ball game I believe was in the plans. How fun is that? Grammy even brought along a chair and water for Sis! Thanks Grammy!

Last night K and I went to my twin nieces 8th Birthday party . . . they are growing way too quickly. It seems it was just yesterday that they were born and everyone was surrounding them in awe of God's Miracles! They are growing into such beautiful young ladies!

We took along our Mi-Ki (she is all of 5 lbs) to visit with their new addition . . . Mia is ours and Lucy is theirs - Lucy is a springer terrier mix and full of excitement. Mia and Lucy had been together before and got along fine, but last night Mia decided she didn't want Lucy around her. I could not believe this little 5lb dust bunny could make Lucy "obey" her. Lucy kept her distance after Mia expressed her opinion in the form of a growl and snap - Mia's little teeth are like the size of a grain of rice (except the canines) and Lucy was definitely intimidated by her! How funny a thing like intimidation is . . . regardless how small you can intimidate with the proper attitude.

All day yesterday and this morning I worked on balancing the bank book for the office. Finally it is finished and I feel a big relief! My desk is now all cleaned off and I even took care of paying our bills today. Now all that is left for desk work is making out the calendar with the school calendar for the year. We received it AND the supply list yesterday.

The kids have been playing well together today! That makes me smile and on that note I will end this post with things that make me smile . . . I know - sappy -
  • my 3 year old telling us he has to go potty
  • my first cup of coffee of the day (fresh ground)
  • listening to my children play (the make believe wonderfully)
  • school supply lists (not sure why, it is just fun)
  • a thunderstorm
  • a puppy kiss
  • watching my boys belly flop in the pool
  • watching my dogs eat ready whip from a can (the love it when the can is almost empty and they get some to enjoy)
  • a nap (they are never long enough though)
  • comments from my bloggy friends
  • emails from those I love
  • facebook quizzes
  • my daughter (she never ceases to amaze me)
  • hearing my children say "I love you Mommy"
  • my children "teaching" each other
  • snuggling with my boys
  • kisses and hugs from my children
  • my daughter asking me what age can she date (I think 33 is a good age, how about you?)
  • God's humor
  • God's love


Mimi said...

Your little Mia sounds just like my little FiFi. She's a tiny 4 lb. Maltese with miniscule teeth but she rules over all of the other dogs. A growl from FiFi keeps them in line! It's really fun to watch her in action.
We're having a quiet day at home. It's about 100 or so outside, so we'll wait until this evening and maybe go out to a movie. Have a nice weekend!

tonya said...

No swimming? ALL summer? WOW! Now that is punishment, for sure!! I've reread that part of the post 3x to make sure that's what it

I obviously got stuck on what was NOT the subject of the post...sorry! ;o)

Great list! Coffee & snuggling...mmmm! I love how pottying topped the list! Mommy priorities, right?! Ha!

Jenny said...

Great List :) I LOL at Facebook Quizes ;)

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