Sunday, July 26, 2009


The sun is setting on what has been a lovely and very relaxing weekend. We have enjoyed the views from our decks while watching the kids play with their blocks. Our upper deck is cooler than our main floor deck and the view is incredible. What was supposed to be mommy and daddy's quiet space is enjoyed by all . . . and that is o.k. The kids have found that the binoculars are fun to use while watching the crazy and non-thinking people and their antics on the lake. We have one old pair of binoculars that are not real good, so I found a pair on amazon for Us and then each of the kids get a kid version of binoculars.

K is working on another drawing . . . she is drawing beautiful little Kohen . . . her Momma will just love it! My breath is taken away again as I gaze at her beautiful talent, her God given talent!

Not much has been accomplished this weekend . . . we totally decided to ENJOY and RELAX! Tomorrow we have laundry and vacuuming to be done. Bathrooms will require cleaning as well as tidy up.

The landscaping will continue this week . . . each day brings big change! It is exciting to watch - as long as there isn't dust and dirt blowing heavily.

The grocery list has been made AND it is a doosie! Quite large . . . PTL my hubs offered to get groceries tomorrow! Yippee!!! I loathe the grocery store.

We continue to count down until school begins . . . 22 days! We need to figure out what school supplies we need to get and go through school clothing, socks and shoes to see who needs what. It is always an exciting time for everyone . . . including me.

Tonight The Next Food Network Star will be on . . . I am so cheering Melissa on!!! I personally do not care for Debbie as she thinks of herself too much. If you haven't watched it yet I recommend it!

So, what about you? What have you been up to?


tonya said...

Ha! I just posted on my blog that I am SO pulling for Melissa! Great minds, huh? My husband was so happy to see Debbie go!

I have to grocery shop tomorrow. My 18-month old makes it fun, though...I love having him with me. The 2-month old sleeps the whole time...HALLELUJAH!!

Kelli said...

We had a pretty nice weekend. Saturday we just hung out at home all day and relaxed. The kids and I took a nice nap. On Sunday we went to church and then Rondell and I spent the afternoon together, working in the yard, cleaning out the car. Productive and relaxing! Oh and I showed Rondell a picture of your house and he said "ooohhhh"

12-arrows said...

Oh yeah my daughter Jacqueline and I LOVE Melissa!!

Jeanette said...

We love Melissa too! We have disliked Debbie from day 1 when she was dishonest. We have felt her dishonesty through the whole show and she does think WAY too much of herself. The landscaping looks great!!!!

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