Friday, July 24, 2009


More work has been completed on the landscaping, our courtyard was paved today . . . below are a few pictures of the landscaping thus far . . .

The walls will feature seating and the circle is for a gas fireplace.

a view from the patio by the gazebo and lake . . .

as you can see, we still have a mound of dirt . . . but it isn't a mountain any longer. The fencing around the pool now matches the railings on the main floor and upper decks. Each column around the pool has a carriage house type light for evening swims and entertaining - I can't wait to do a little entertaining!

The next picture shows the main floor deck lights on - the kids were playing with blocks out on the deck while my hubs and I chilled out while watching boats and jet skis on the lake.

The last picture is of our new fire pit . . . this fire pit is located down by the lake and gazebo. This will be great for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows - and is wood burning.

The landscaping guys have lovely days to work . . . I like to watch the progress.

I am cutting this post short - K and I are going to watch The Long Long Trailer starring Lucille Ball.


Mimi said...

It is really coming along. I noticed a Coke machine, does it work?

Kelli said...

Oh my, that is going to be so nice Julie. I could just sit out there and enjoy the evening. We have some major work that needs to be done on our backyard...And um a Coke machine. I missed that. You must we ready for me to come over. LOVE Coke.

Isabel said...

Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sahring those pictures.

Southerner said...

That is so beautiful overlooking the lake. You are going to enjoy it so much.

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