Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today was a pretty good day . . . we got a lot done around the house and had a bit of fun too! I posted a little slide show of my Cindi...rellas today on my private blog. My nieces came and helped around the house. They are on a mission to make money for a doll house that they want.

I have begun making little projects with Uppercase Living Products. I won Uppercase Living Products (ULP) in a raffle a while back and am now hooked.

The first picture below was made using the ULP, a can of spray paint and a painters canvas from the hobby store. This was made for my daughter's bathroom.

One of the walls in my daughter's bathroom was decorated with more ULP. This cute little design was completed in less than five minutes! Love this!!!

The next photo is a little ULP in my laundry room. I totally LOVE it!

K decided to start AND complete a new drawing. One of my bloggy friends takes great pictures that K loves to draw . . . Cheri - do you recognize this drawing? I love how she captures the innocence of a baby.

This drawing is of a photo that K once saw:

A friends baby . . . K really captured this little lady:

I received this beautiful vase for my birthday, so a trip to the Hobby Lobby for some floral stems and this is the end result:

Kelli . . . the paperwork I have been busy with is inventory. I use my home computer to take care of our business' paperwork and inventory. It is much easier to work from home with a little one running around.

The day has been full and I am wiped out . . . have a great night!


Mommyto3K's said...

I love it!! Wow, K what an awesome job!!! The portrait of baby Gavin is so awesome!!!

Kelli said...

I was so shocked to see my name! Ha. I LOVES K's artistic abilities. She's fabulour. Wow! Love the vase too in your kitchen. I have yet to try UCL mainly because I don't think we'll be in this house permanently, but I love their stuff.

Mimi said...

Wow! I love all of your projects. The laundry room is m favorite-just too cute! K certainly is talented. Has she tried painting?

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