Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Day Was Full

What kind of day did we have?

Our Chores Completed today:
  • laundry started
  • breakfast
  • kitchen table and chair set washed down with murphy's oil soap
  • kitchen dusted
  • a.m. kitchen floor vacuumed and wiped
  • a.m. kitchen dusted
  • groceries put away - my hubs went to the store
  • master bedroom dusted
  • master bedroom floors vacuumed and wiped
  • main floor tidied up
  • boys' rooms dusted
  • boy's rooms vacuumed and wiped down
  • upstairs hallway dusted
  • upstairs hallway vacuumed and wiped down
  • wiped down cobwebs from deck railing
Boys' Bathroom: how do they get them so disgusting?
  • cleaned out under the cabinets (empty boxes, lotion bottles, etc.)
  • refilled toilet tissue
  • tidied the towel shelving behind the door
  • scrubbed the tub
  • scrubbed the floor
  • cleaned the toilet
  • cleaned out the cabinet drawers
  • washed down countertop
Boys' rooms:
  • tidied and re-sorted all toys to they correct place in three year old's room
  • vacuumed and wiped it down
  • tidied 5 & 6 year old's room
  • vacuumed and wiped it down
  • tidied almost 7 year olds room
  • vacuumed and wiped it down twice . . . yes it was that nasty! it was wiped down last week too!
Made dinner . . . taco salad . . . I made it family style. I cooked up my ground beef 96/4 % and then added taco seasoning, kidney & pinto beans . . . mixed it together and let simmer about 10 minutes. Called everyone to the table . . . we dished up the meat mixture on each plate, topped with mexican cheese, shredded lettuce, a dollop of sour cream and chili flavored Fritos.

Dinner was a hit with everyone and was a simple summer type of dinner! The great thing, I made a large enough batch for left overs at lunch time!

After dinner, Daddy took the boys swimming as K and I cleaned up.

Our big dirt pile in the back yard is now gone . . . the landscapers are now ready for us to move our play set . . . which will be a major undertaking. Once it is moved, the landscapers can finish the ground under the play set. The the remainder of the back yard.

Now, the sun is setting and I am sitting at my little table on the master suite deck. I could stay here forever.


Kelli said...

I need to see your has to be beautiful! I love how you deep clean. I think I may have to try Murphy's Oil Soap on our table. I feel like I'm not using the right cleaner. What is an am kitchen?

jennifer said...

Now that is crazy - I just visited Jeanette's blog and was on my way to yours when I got your comment. Cool huh? Great minds thinking alike, right?

I bet you COLLAPSED after all of that work. Lady you were busy! I need to get some stuff done too. Of course that's why I am sitting here on the computer :)

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