Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Little Man

Where do I start with today's post?

I am totally enjoying my day . . . Mrs. S is here with the boys, which leaves me to get those little extras that need attention completed. I am also able to catch a few hours to myself in which time I am spending in Bible Study and relaxation.

This morning K and I went into R's room (age almost 7) to give it the once over. One every 5 or 6 months I like to get into the boys' rooms and go through their toys, give the room a thorough dusting and toy bin cleaning. So, we turned on some Christian music and off to work we went! Ryan had his room tidy and he had been instructed each week to dust it, so we figured it couldn't be that bad. We started at the far end of the room where all of the toys are - I took one look at his toy bins and decided the best course of action to take was to empty each one and make sure the heroes and creatures were in their own bin, the trucks, cars and airplanes were in their own bin, the John Deere Tractors were in their own bin, etc. I started with the tractor bin and only found a few things that were in the wrong bin and I was thinking - Wow R has really been doing a great job in his room!!! I grabbed the second Trubtub (a green round bushel like toy bucket) and dumped it out on the floor - to say I was grossed out is an understatement!!! In the bottom was an empty gum package and two wads of chewed gum . . . all dried out. Disgusting~but such a boy thing! I moved on and separated the toys into their own buckets - it took a while but oh the difference. Anyway, this child of mine had many things in his toy buckets that should not have been there, here is a small list:
  • a string cheese wrapper
  • two candy wrappers
  • two stray socks
  • a pair of dirty undies
  • Nintendo games - we have a rule against more than one out at a time - I found like 9 games
  • Movies - not in their DVD cases, they were to be in the Library after use - there were more than 20
  • waded up coloring pages
  • an empty gum box
  • two wads of already been chewed gum
  • a chip clip
  • some of his little brothers' Duplo blocks
  • a dust cloth
  • 3 Nintendo DS game units - we have a rule about this as well
  • Leapster games - too many to count - also included in our rule
  • a Leapster unit - also included in our house rules
  • a tube of toothpaste (small and children's) - he sucks the toothpaste out of the tube - that could have been the reason that he had diarrhea one day - hmmm
  • about 12 smoke bombs (he must have found these in the garage one day)
Little Boys are interesting little creatures, aren't they?

This morning while I was having coffee R decided to come out because he wanted to have a CONVERSATION with Mommy. Yes, that is what he said. So, R sits down in the chair across from mine and says . . . "So, what do you think you will do today?" I told him my plans. He responded by saying, "I see." I really was starting to sweat it - I thought he was going to ask me something I wasn't going to have an answer for. He is one of those kids!!! Apparently, he just wanted to hang out and didn't want to talk about anything specific. I enjoyed our bit of time together and simply sat back and smiled at my little man!


Isabel said...

How sweet! The conversation thing I mean...not that list!!

Mommyto3K's said...

Boys, I tell ya!!

Kelli said...

That is too adorable that he wanted to have a conversation with you...just because. I can only imagine all that you found in his room. Caleb likes to hide things too.

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