Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little Fishy . . .

Tonight the hubs and I took the boys out back to the lake to fish . . . those little fish were jumping right on the hooks! Drop in the little hook with worm and pull out a little bluegill fish. The boys had a ball!!! Hubs caught several as well . . . Me, well I was the one that put worms on the hooks (nasty job) untangled lines, attached hooks and bobbers as well as weights. I spent the majority of my time untangling the fishing lines from the boys that were catching one another as they tried to cast. Then there was the "be careful before you get someone with your hook," "don't put the fishing pole dip in the water," don't bang the water with your pole," "put the fish back in the water so he doesn't die," "don't drag that poor little fish on the dock or he will die." Of course there were plenty of praises as well . . . "Great job," "wow, you did that yourself," "you are a great fisherman," etc. I have to say though - I really feel sorry for those poor little fish . . . they really had an ordeal - especially when I learned that our six year old was taking the fish off of the hook himself! I wonder how many fish lips were torn off tonight? EWE!


Isabel said...

What a sweet mama you are!

Mommyto3K's said...

How fun. Kaden would have loved that. He loves to fish.

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