Sunday, July 12, 2009


This weekend was filled with directions . . . directions surrounding the appropriate or not appropriate behavior. Do you ever find yourself saying the same things time and again? This is what you would have heard at our house this weekend . . .

  • leave the dog alone
  • leave your brother alone
  • do not hit your brother
  • you will not stomp off
  • you need to listen
  • why did you just do that?
  • go potty, go potty now
  • turn that television down
  • go help your dad (this is one of My favorites)
  • we just ate . . . no you are not getting a snack
  • if you are going to ride your bike wear your helmet
  • if you are going to argue and fight then you can go to your rooms and play by yourselves
  • stop being a bossy brother
  • let him play with his toys how HE wants to
  • if the dog bites you, it is your own fault . . . leave her alone
  • I don't need help in the bathroom, I can do this myself (everyone including the dogs think they must join me when I go to the bathroom - no privacy)
  • clean up the toys
  • stop sassing
  • stop the attitude
  • do not splash me in the face (while in the pool)
  • WHAT smells like poop? (no one fessed up)

Then there was the nice side of the sayings,
  • yes you can snuggle with me
  • I love you
  • I am so proud of you
  • you went potty . . . YAY!
  • it is time for everyone to relax
  • nap time
  • you are a good helper (you must have really helped daddy - look how dirty you are)
  • thank you
  • please
  • sugar booger
  • she likes it when you rub her nice (the dog)
  • nice listening
  • wow, this is yummy
  • it is nice that you shared
  • that was very nice
  • yes, please
  • thank you for telling the truth
  • I will fix this and then put it away
  • I am going to go help Daddy in the garage
  • Daddy wants to know what to do with this . . . You are such a great helper, thank you. Tell Daddy it is for EBAY.
  • What is that smell? (it was dinner cooking)
  • I went potty two times
  • we don't watch that dvd . . . sell it on EBAY (smiles from Mom)


Jenny said...

I said a lot of that this weekend too :)

Kelli said...

Sounds like my house. The good outweighs the bad...

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