Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Happenings

Today was a get out of the house day! K, C and I took off shortly after Mrs. S arrived this morning for Galesburg, IL to the Dick Blick store. As you may have read previously, K is very into drawing and was 1st runner up in State last year at the Scholastic competition. This past year, she was disqualified because her drawing was too much like the photo she used as an example. K freehand draws and began drawing when she was a tiny little one. Anyway, after a quick trip to McD's - I had not had my coffee yet, we headed west. We had not gotten far when we hit road construction! I will tell you, I fully believe every interstate in Illinois is under road construction and has those orange barriers lining the interstates. As we were driving, K and I had wonderful conversation while C sat in his car seat watching Pinocchio. The sky was beautiful and so were the temps!

We arrived at Dick Blick and K thought she was in artist heaven! C also enjoyed shopping . . . they had a kids' section. Overall, I expected Dick Blick to be larger, the actual store was rather small. K was happy though - which was what the whole trip was about.

We finished up at the Dick Blick store and headed out. By the time we had gotten back into the car, the clouds were looking rather dark and I was for sure we were going to be driving into a storm. No rain though, Praise the Lord.

We had another errand to run before we stopped for lunch, so we took care of that and then we headed for TGI Friday's. The kids love the fried green beans . . . K had the chicken Parmesan sliders, C had the Mac n Cheese, I had the Turkey burger - totally yummy!

Once home, I surprised the boys with new crafts to do and they absolutely loved them. We had a "pizza," lion, cow and butterfly craft. Of course, the googly eyes were a favorite, as was the glue!

The work continues on our yard . . . more footings were poured for the stonework down the side of our home AND on the front corner of the house. The backyard has the stonework walls completed and next week the guys will install the stone floor and fire pit in the courtyard. I look forward to seeing the stonework in the front of the house and down the side.

Our weekend it up for grabs . . . not sure what we will be doing other than a quick tidy up and laundry.

So what are you up to this weekend?

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jennifer said...

Oh wow... having a weekend open with nothing to do? LUCKY!

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