Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today was loads and loads of fun! My daughter K and I took off for lunch and Barnes and Noble today after her Driver's Ed 2 class. Only three more days and she will be done with the class. No license for her though until she is 17 and has had her 50 hours of driving time. She is improving with each time she drives and I can say HURRAY for that! I was only breathless once today . . . I didn't think she saw a truck stopped ahead of us, but she did and she stopped in ample time. It took a minute for my heart to slow back to normal rhythm though.

I took K to driver's ed and then headed into the office to give my Dad a hair cut. After the hair cut it was time to pick K back up and then we headed off to lunch . . . Where do you ask? Olive Garden . . . oh yes, the food was ever so yummy and I definitely loved every minute we were sitting at our quiet table with no interruptions. K enjoyed the ravioli, salad and bread sticks and I enjoyed the manicotti, salad and bread sticks. I also ordered an appetizer - deep fried ravioli, calamari and mushrooms. Wow is all I can say!!! or maybe I can add . . . DIVINE, SCRUMPTIOUS AND OH SO YUMMY!

After a lovely lunch we headed off to Barnes and Noble for browsing and a bit of relaxing. Many people just rush in and out of a book store, however not us. We enjoy every opportunity we get to go for a Barnes and Noble trip!

K drove home . . . she got in about 35 minutes more to add to her driving minutes and she did great.

Once home, laundry was restarted and I took our little one up to bed. Mrs. S was in need of a break - BIG TIME! The nap was interrupted several times, but I guess a little is better than nothing!

Tonight we hope to chill in front of the television after the boys go to bed.

For those followers of the show Deadliest Catch . . .

Did you know that SIG has his own FISH STICKS in the frozen foods section? I am not kidding!!! I was strolling through the frozen foods at the beginning of the week on our grocery trip to WalMart and glanced to the left - it was the fish stick section. Low and Behold, there was Sig's picture on a box of fish sticks. I could hardly believe it! It cracked me up! I wonder what he had to do to get on a box of fish sticks! I mean REALLY . . . the guy catches crab . . . not fish sticks!

Today my Twin Nieces turned 8 . . . Happy Birthday Girls!!!

Well friends, that is all I have for tonight . . .


Mimi said...

It's so nice to have Some mother/daughter time together, isn't it? My dughter and I love to go to the bookstore, it's Borders here, and then out to California Pizza Kitchen, which is her favorite restaurant. It really is nice to be able to talk and see her growing up and becoming a strong individual. I can't wait until my kids start driving, ha ha, I'll probably need a tranquilizer prescription!

Isabel said...

Glad you had such a nice morning. I finally managed to do the tag!

Kelli said...

Barnes and Noble...a favorite of mine. I love Olive Garden's salad...yum yum. Your meal sounds yummy and now I'm hungry.

jennifer said...

Yay for K! Learning to drive is a big responsibility. I'm glad that she is doing well. Sounds like y'all had a lovely day.

Tami said...

Love, Love, Love your boys post. Man, is that ever true. In fact, Gabe told me Monday, I forgot to put on underwear. Unbelievable. Gotta love 'em.

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