Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where Does Time Go? and Harper's Island thoughts

The hour is late . . . I cannot believe how fast time flies by. I guess I get caught up in things and the time simply ticks by.

Does anyone beside my sister and I watch Harper's Island? There are five episodes left and we think we know the killer . . . a twisted plot indeed! I have a scenario to run by those of you who watch . . .

What if:

  • Abby's father was Wakefield?

  • Abby and Henry (the groom) are brother and sister?

  • Both could have been fathered by Wakefield.

  • There isn't just one killer?

  • The Men in Abby's life got together and are obsessed with Abby?

  • Are those Men in Abby's life getting back at those that have mistreated Abby?
What do you think? What are your ideas? What did you think of tonight's episode?


Patrice said...

I wanted to watch it, but I did not want to start something eles I had to keep up with....I'm kinda mad I didn't start watching it though....

TJ said...

I love Harper's Island. For those that haven't been watching it, you can watch online at, but not all episodes. If you have a netflix subscription, you'll be able to watch all of the episodes online with view it now.

I'll try to consider your ideas once there is some room in my head. Thanks for your prayers!

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