Saturday, June 27, 2009


The STORM Predictions were accurate . . . Severe Thunderstorms were on the way the skies darkened . . . then the sirens sounded - our weather radio from NOAA did not even sound. Local must have received a report of a tornado in the area . . . the skies were blowing in two different directions and we had a bit up up draft as was evidenced by our flag. A Lot of Very Strong wind with severe lightening and then torrential rains.

When the siren sounded for a tornado warning, everyone was very calm. I yelled upstairs to son #1 to come downstairs, then told all of the kids to get to the basement as we were having severe weather. We called the dogs, but the fish were on their own. Everyone was situated on the couches in the basement family room and K put a movie on for the boys. They all settled in as my hubs and I went outside to watch the weather. The pictures below were taken during the storm.

Everyone went through the storm without stressing out. It just seemed like another adventure and a good time with a movie and toys.

G'night all

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Jenny said...

Wow that must have been scary.

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