Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today we decided to make a bit more laid back than we had. We worked on Laundry and a little Tidy up, but not much else. The week had been busy and it is great to chill out a bit. I tried to take a nap, but didn't have much luck with that . . . three other boys would not obey and stay quiet after their naps. I don't insist on naps except on the weekend . . . the week is so long and they go and go and go - they need to rest those little bodies.

Son number 2 wears glasses. I just replaced the frame on them about four months ago . . . would you believe he has them almost broken again? This will make his fourth or fifth frame - I have lost count. I told him that when they are totally broken, Daddy will have to solder them. He then will have to earn the money himself to pay for their replacement and they will not be ordered until he can pay for them. At more than $100.00 a frame, this is beginning to really add up. He knows that he must take good care of them . . . he also knew he was going to have to pay for the frame if he broke it again. Sometimes it is tough love, isn't it?

The smell of laundry surrounds the outside of our home . . . it smells so good! I love the smell of freshly washed laundry. I was outside on our main floor deck while the dryer was running - the smell was wonderful!

Our severe thunderstorm warning went off a few hours ago - with all of the heat I wouldn't be surprised if we had a doosey of a storm. Sometimes though they just pass us on by. (spell check says doosey isn't a word - hmm)

My sister called today with the happy news that they have a new addition to their family. My sister isn't usually an animal person, but was so excited to report the news. They rescued a one year old dachshund terrier mix with red hair and named her Lucy. The funny part is that she was made just for them . . . my sister and her three girls all have red hair and so did Lucy in I Love Lucy! This little dog was made just for them!

Our weather radio just sounded . . . our watch has been moved to a warning as the skies darken.

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Mimi said...

Julie, has your son tried titanium frames? They are pretty flexible and hard to break. The are what I buy for my son now, since he always broke the other ones.He had one pair of titanium frames that he used for 3 years, until he outgrew them. Other frames just couldn't hold up to his activities and rough play.
I love the name Lucy for a red dachsund. Too cute! It's great that your sis rescued a dog.
Have a nice, peaceful Sunday!

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