Saturday, June 13, 2009


I copied this post from TJ's blog today . . . TJ is pregnant with Twins which she has nicknamed Fric and Frac. They are identical twin boys. TJ and her husband recently found out that her babies have Twin to Twin Transfusion in which one of the boys is getting more nutrition than the other causing one baby to be larger and the other much smaller.

Thank you again for all of your prayers. Today we met with Dr. Walker, who is one of 6 doctors doing this procedure. Did you know most of his patients come here from out of State? They fly in just to have him save their twins, and after meeting him, I understand why.

He was great to talk to. He didn't sugar coat anything. Our boys are in Stage 2 and will likely be in Stage 3 soon. Doing nothing would result in the death of our boys, and we won't let that happen. On Monday morning at 10 a.m. I will go in for surgery. They will make a tiny incision and insert a tiny camera (2mm) and with that camera then guide a needle in for the laser. He will use the laser to sever the veins that the boys are sharing. The benefits of this are: both of our boys have a good chance at survival (70%), if one of the boys does happen to die it will not kill the other boy which is likely without the procedure (90-95% of the time at least 1 twin will survive), and there is very little risk for me. Both of the boys are still doing well, and both have a good sized area of placenta to themselves. So I pray that they do well and thrive from this procedure.

I will spend the night in the hospital, and then after an ultrasound the next day, should be able to return home. I will be on restricted activity for 1 week (although both Dr. Walker and Dr. Peterson have said I can do some work from home, which is good, because I have some things to work on). After the first week, I should be able to return to work. I will have weekly follow up visits at the U of W to make sure the boys do well. After a month, if all is well I can go to every other week. And the best part, Dr. Walker said I should be able to carry to full twin term (37 weeks), but he does recommend a c-section. I hope to deliver as close to that 37 weeks as possible, and have them here at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital.

I'm feeling hopeful after our visit. I know that there are risks, but I feel our boys are strong and will come through this. Dana is also feeling more at ease. I think he's also ready to take on his new housekeeping role next week too. Although if anyone wants to drop off a meal, you are welcome to do so! Thank you again for all your prayers! I tear up every time I remember how many people are praying for the boys, Dana and I. Also please pray for Dr. Walker who is doing the surgery, and Dr. Peterson who will be providing follow up care.

Photos to come! Including a 3D that Dr. Walker took because Frac was so cute.

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