Monday, June 15, 2009


Is anyone else experiencing the Monday Struggle? We are BIG time. The children aren't responding to the rules or consequences for that matter . . . I have sent them to bed. I had thought I would take them to see the newPixar movie - UP. No go there boys . . . I am not taking children that are disobedient, defiant, argumentative, hateful and disruptive. (I am sure I have forgotten one or two verbs here!) As a Mom I want my children to experience fun things and have a summer to remember, however, NOT at the expense of ruining others' fun days out. I explained to them that I will not take children out in public that are not obedient. Of course, all of the promises for obedience begin to sound, however they sound much too late. My children have been out of school for one month on June 18 and they still have two months to go. 

It is not only with me . . . my husband experiences this AND our Mrs. S (three days a week Nanny - actually just our Kindergarten teacher that wants work for the summer) experienced much disobedience last week. We both try to keep them busy - however, she keeps them busy from the minute she gets here until she goes home that evening. The boys continue to test the water. 

We have tried . . . time out, writing sentences, removal of privileges, extra chores, no smilies on the chore and goal chart and more . . . I am running out of ideas! There are days I just want to put them all in a rubber room and let them go at it! Is anyone in my boat?

I love my children dearly and with all I have, I simply cannot allow the disobedience. Things get totally out of control if I allow even one to get away with something that is disobedient. Let me tell you, you don't want FOUR little boys out of control!

So, the comment section is open . . . let me hear it girls . . . What Do You Do When the Kids are Out of Control?

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Blue Creek Home said...

Dear Julie, I am so sorry you are experiencing bad behavior kiddos! My two daughters are 24 and 20, so I'm not where you are in your life. All I know to say is Don't despair too much - my child raising motto was: "This too shall pass"...and it does. My punishment for the girls was-"if you don't ______, you can't go to the next birthday, slumber party, etc., party. That usually did it, especially after we actually proved it to them. I do realize that girls and boys are totally different. I will say a prayer for summer peace at your house. Rhonda

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