Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well, we made it . . . with no major instances. Praise the Lord. That being said, our drive was full of adventure.

Sons #1 and #4 (ages 6 and 3) got into Daughter K's car (Ford Edge) and then K, Mia our Mi-Ki dog and I loaded up and off we went. First stop . . . the gas station! This was K's first time to put gas in the tank. We arrived at the gas station and all of the pumps had cars at them but one - the one in front of all of the others. So, I told K to pull ahead of them and back up . . . Oh Dear! After I got out of the car and directed her back we finally were at the pumps . . . three or four attempts isn't too bad. Is it? Oh Well, every drive has its learning points. K did well with the gas fill up and soon we were on our way. The little town we filled up the the tank in was having its Festival . . . great time for driving through. It seemed as if the cars were streaming in by the hundreds and we were one of them. K did very well in the traffic and soon we were out on the interstate. K quickly took to the fast pass and off we went . . . where to? No place really, just driving! After a while of driving down the interstate, we were ready for some country roads. So, we took the next exit and began our trek through no where land.  The roads were more narrow than K is used to and she noticed that right away. I stayed very alert as you just never know what we will happen onto. The boys in the back stayed busy watching out the window . . . we drove by a wind energy area and saw the man windmills that are for power . . . they are HUGE. The boys were quite impressed with that. Soon, it was announced that #1 son saw a JUNGLE . . . now, I am quite sure there are no jungles in our area of the world, but I smiled at the imagination of my little guy! #4 son was so excited to see John Deere tractors out his window and announced each one VERY loudly. Of course, our trip would not have been complete without passing a pig farm . . . which #1 son announced "They have PORK there!" I tried to tell him that the pigs are indeed pork, but no one goes around saying there is a pork farm, they were pigs, piggies or hogs. Isn't it amazing at what their little brains come up with? We continued on our journey through one poe dunk town to another . . . the little towns are known for very slow sped limits - that is so you don't miss anything. We went through one town that had a little treat stand named Ople's and several that were tiny, but still were big enough for their own cemetery and church. K did very good driving today . . . of which I was pleased. Toward the end of our journey, #4 son cracked up #1 son . . . he started saying "poop scooper, poop scooper, poop scooper" now, I am not sure where THAT came from, but he was quite pleased with himself and #1 son was totally cracked up about it. We drove toward Our part of the world and the boys were excited to see an old plane sitting in the front of the entrance to a tiny airport . . . for tiny planes, crop dusters and such. We were all getting quite hungry - we almost missed lunch time - so I treated everyone to a Drive-In . . . yummy! The food was great and the fun stay in your car and eat was enjoyed by all. The journey was fun, adventurous and great learning for K . . . with only one mishap (K was looking at something a little to long to the left and started to cross the center line ~~~ oh yeah, and then there was the time . . .)


Poopsie said...

I remember the first of driving with my boys. Better yet, I recall MY first interstate drive. It was scary, to say the least. K is doing well to learn with the boys in the backseat. It will help her to be a great driver as she gets more practice in. :) Keep up the good work!

Jenny said...

I am so glad it was a good driving experience. I love the Pork comment, that is so funny.

jennifer said...

I laughed out loud at the pork farm! How cute!

I haven't been visiting blogs (we are out of town) but I wanted to let YOU know that I am thrilled that we are standing together in prayer for TJ. That connection through Christ... I wish everyone could feel it. I am so humbled to be a Princess to the King and a Sister in Christ with you!

Have a blessed day Julie.

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