Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Daddy and My Hubs . . . HAPPY FATHER'S DAY GUYS!

I will start with my Daddy . . . since, I was HIS first!

My Daddy is now RETIRED and loves to fish. He has a fishing boat and EVERYTHING! If you talk to him, ask him about the fish he caught at Sangris Lake!

My Daddy loves his children (all four) AND his grandchildren (all FIFTEEN!) There is nothing that Dad wouldn't do for his kids or grandkids and even goes beyond the call of duty at times!

Using F.A.T.H.E.R.S. D.A.Y. I want to describe him . . .

F = FOREVER - my Daddy loves me Forever
A = ALWAYS - my Daddy is there for me, my siblings and my Mom always
T= TICKLES - my Daddy loves to tickle his Grandchildren and the kids know it
H= HEART - my Daddy's Heart belongs to his family
E= EVERYONE - regardless of where he is, he seems to KNOW EVERYONE! He has never met a stranger!
R= RETIRED - my Daddy is enjoying his retirement years and stays busy with fishing
S= My Daddy has his own little SAYINGS . . . dag nab it, cotton picker ~ he also SNORES

D= DADDY has three daughters and one son; Eight grandsons and Seven granddaughters
A= AGE - my Daddy will be 68 on August 16
Y= YOWSA . . . my Daddy is AWESOME (I went blank on the Y - just go with it!)

on to MY HUBS . . . My hubs and Daddy to my children . . .

Randy swept me off of my feet when I was 18 years old; we have been married for 26 years. Randy is my soul mate, my best friend (even when he is grumpy), the love of my life, the father of my children.

Using F.A.T.H.E.R.S. D.A.Y. I want to describe him . . .

F = FATHER . . . to FIVE beautiful children
A =ADVENTURER . . . throughout our marriage & parenthood = no adventure is too big
T = TEACHER . . .
always teaching our boys something new
H =HUGGER . . . the kids love your BIG BEAR HUGS
E =
EVERREADY BATTERY . . . just like the battery, you just keep going and going
R =RIDE GIVER . . . the boys love to go for rides on his electric chair, sitting on Daddy's lap
S =
SILLY . . . from time to time you let go and show your silly side

to our children
A =
ACHIEVER . . . you have NEVER been an under achiever. You show our children how to achieve whatever they want in life each and every day
Y = YOU . . . you are always yourself and we LOVE YOU for who YOU ARE



Kelli said...

What a great way to praise them!

Southerner said...

Aw, mushy mushy stuff. Pass the Kleenex.

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