Monday, June 22, 2009


Wow, this is a really neat idea . . . How do I make My home sing? How can I make my home sing?

We try to teach our children right from wrong from the moment they are born. It is always so easy to catch them doing wrong and punish them, BUT how many times do we catch them doing right and provide a positive response? Don't get me wrong . . . praises happen - BUT do they occur MORE than the negative response?

Our home is filled with little boys . . . active, adventurous and rough housing boys. Boys don't think things through, boys need direction and consistency. As a Mom, it is easy to get irritated when the boys don't think before they act and this is a constant struggle. My boys tend to jump out there on a ledge and jump without thinking . . . they choose to reason that MAYBE they won't get hurt. Girls choose to not even try the "dangerous" and non brain thinking stuff.

Today, I am going to make my home sing by encouraging my boys to be adventurous and try to see the world through their eyes. I am sure today is going to be an adventure!


momstheword said...

Oh it's a fine line isn't it. Trying to encourage them to grow and spread their wings but to "think" before they leap!

Totally getting the boy thing. We had bumps, bruises. cuts, scrapes and the occasional trips to the emergency room.

We did have some rules: no running in the house, no running/jumping downstairs, no wrestling in the house.

One son did get half of his tooth kicked out wrestling, after that we sort of thought maybe no wrestling at all was a good thing, lol!

My hubby always helped in that I was always worried someone would get hurt, and he was like "they'll be fine" so we had a good balance!

Have a lovely day and thank you for participating. I am so excited to have you join us today!

Kelli said...

This in a wonderful thing to do. I try really hard to bless my children. A wise mother (of 10) once told me that you need 10 blessing for every 1 negative.

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