Monday, June 15, 2009

Just another day at the Kihn's: OUT OF SURGERY!!

Just another day at the Kihn's: OUT OF SURGERY!! The link to the left is from Jennifer's Blog . . . Since some of my readers only connect through email, I have copied and pasted her post about TJ and her twin boys. Praise God!!!

Hello All! This is TJ's Blogfriend Jennifer, guest blogging an update. I am so thankful to be the bearer of good news... the surgery went extremely well!

I spoke with TJ about 30 minutes ago. She is out of surgery and sounds very good! TJ said that the doctor did not have to sever many veins. She and Dana were able to see the boys via the camera used during the surgery. She said they were beautiful (there was so much love in her voice) and that the boys seemed to be doing well!

She and Dana will stay at the hospital overnight. The doctor will check tomorrow to see if the smallest baby is getting urine in his bladder. Hopefully by next week, the boys will be functioning on their own and growing.

I am praising God for a successful surgery! Please continue to pray for the twins as well as TJ, Dana, Kaia, and Mo. I pray a blessing over this wonderful family!

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