Sunday, June 14, 2009

How is It? and Where Does It Come From?

Before I start, I just want to place you in the right frame of mind for this post. My Daughter and myself have been cleaning ALL Day . . . we try to keep up ALL week . . . but still, we find the house out of control. As I write this, I am not angry or mad, just baffled . . . maybe one of you can answer a question or two that I have today.

The question of my day . . . How is it that no matter how hard you try . . . the house NEVER stays clean? Where does all of that crazy dust come from? My house windows are closed . . . the air conditioner is on . . . we have allergies, so the air conditioning is on if the heat isn't. We dust, we scour, we vacuum, we steam mop . . . no matter how hard we try, the house returns to its unclean state in absolutely no time at all. The dust bunnies - where in the world do those things come from? They can be all vacuumed up one minute and they are scurrying across the floor the next. (No reflection on you Jen from Dust Bunny Hostage.)

Then there is the kitchen sink - I have two - one for dishes and such, the other for large pots and food preparation. The sinks are diagonal from one another across the kitchen. How is is that regardless of how many times the sink is emptied of dishes, there is always ONE more that finds it way into the sink? Why is it that children REQUIRE more than one cup a day for water? Can't they use that same cup over and over for water drinks throughout the day?

Next, Dare I mention Bathrooms? How is it that the toilet has this large circle of which to . . . well so that we don't all become ill I will say . . . use for the necessary purposes, become all disgusting? Isn't the target big enough to see? Maybe I should install a spotlight or flashing neon sign saying, Pee Here with an arrow pointing down! The sink . . . shouldn't the soap be dispensed onto the hands instead of all over the counter top? And by the way, why even hang a towel? Everyone uses their shirt or pants to dry hands off with, Right?

Laundry is the next topic . . . How is it that some children have 10 pair of underwear in the laundry each week and others only have three? How is it that clothing is ALWAYS wrong side out? How is it there is always a handful of socks that don't have matching buddies? Then there is that SPECIAL laundry that doesn't find its way to the laundry room until ALL of the laundry is done and put away, since everyone is supposed to bring their dirty laundry to the laundry room each night, Where does the SPECIAL laundry come from?

Glass on Windows and Doors . . . Where do all of those little hand prints come from? Just cleaned windows and sliding doors ALWAYS seem to have those re-occurring hand prints that absolutely NO ONE has done! Hmmmm do ghosts have hand prints?

Refrigerators . . . don't even get me started there!

The above are questions that are on my mind today. I am sure some of you have questions to add . . . I would love to hear from you with QUESTIONS and/or ANSWERS . . .


Patrice said...

What about the food that is always disapperring from the food pantry?? How much can two teenager boys & one preteen boy eat??

Where is all the gas that I just filled up teh Jeep with?? Come on, where does it keep going?? Don't even get me started on the garbage dump inside my Jeep....where does all that trash come from???

I just don't get it either!!

Jenny said...

I have your answer....Gremlins, they sneek into my house at night while everyone is sleeping and mess up my perfectly clean and laundered home..I bet you have them too;)

Mimi said...

It never ends!
Laundry is a mystery! Where do all the socks go? Will they ever come back?

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